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Cleobuttera: Time to Satisfy Your Ramadan Sweet Tooth

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Cleobuttera: Time to Satisfy Your Ramadan Sweet Tooth
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Featured image via Cleobuttera


Ramadan is here Cairenes, and we are all beyond excited for so many reasons! Our favourite thing about Ramadan, however, has to be the dessert; from konafa and basbosa, to atayef and so much more. Given all this, every Cairene should follow this mouthwatering Instagram page, creatively called “Cleobuttera”. This pastry page makes the air around you smell sweet by just looking at the photos. As such, it’s exactly what you need this Ramadan. For those of you wondering about the inspiration behind the name this is what Tasbih, founder of Cleobuttera, had to say:

“As the name of the blog implies,  I’m from glorious Egypt.  So yep…I will sure shed some light on the delicious array of Middle Eastern goodies that go far beyond pita bread and baklava.  Does the name make sense now?  A play on Cleopatra, queen of Egypt and butter, the foundation to all things good.  I’ll stop now…I’m sure you get it.”

Cleobuttera make everything from bread to cookies, as well as all sorts of oriental and western desserts. Tasbih found herself making a mess in the kitchen and reading the dessert sections of cookbooks like they were bedtime stories, at a very young age. This was when she discovered her passion for pastries and desserts.

With a knowledgeable insight on delicious Middle Eastern goodies, like pita bread and baklava, Tasbih is able to renovate and add a touch of “modern” to each recipe she creates. Going through her Instagram stories and posts for the things coming up for Ramadan got our mouths filled buckets of saliva! Whether it was that Mozzarella Cheese Kunafa or those Sweet Balah El Sham sticks.

“This little space is a great way for me to share my baking adventures, and motivates me to continue learning and trying new things.  My hope is that I can inspire you to get baking and end up with the delicious results you’re hoping for.  I’ve had so many flops in the kitchen, and as the saying goes, we learn from our mistakes,  but I’d love to help you skip this step.  So you can rest assured that I will never post a recipe that’s only so so or just ‘meh.’  If its in here, then its ridiculously good,” Tasbih states in her blog.

We had to stop and make you aware of these extraordinary recipes that you can use to elevate any Ramadan gathering.

Go check out her blog and her Instagram account! We have to warn you though, make sure you check out these digital platforms after Iftar, obviously not while you are fasting, as you will surely find yourself salivating over Cleobuttera’s innovatively delicious dishes!