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Destination Marketer and Travel Expert Sarah Gallo Discusses Tourism in the Time of Pandemic on Narrative Summit’s ‘Reshaping Norms’ Digital Talks

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Destination Marketer and Travel Expert Sarah Gallo Discusses Tourism in the Time of Pandemic on Narrative Summit’s ‘Reshaping Norms’ Digital Talks
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    Image of Sarah Gallo via The Five Foot Traveler

    A-list experts from all over the globe come together every year at the Narrative Summit to discuss and share their experiences in various fields, including media, business, tourism and more. This year, with the restrictions of  COVID-19’s pandemic, Narrative Summit adapted to the situation by turning into a fully-fledged digital forum, launching Narrative Summit: Reshaping Norms digital talks.

    This year’s edition which, featured a host of experts, including our own Managing Director, Waseem El Tanahi, discussed both challenges and opportunities that have arisen in the time of the pandemic. Among those experts is Sarah Gallo, the destination marketing expert who shared her thoughts on the repercussions of COVID- 19 for the tourism sector, and the alternatives with which the setbacks were handled.

    “During the coronavirus pandemic, we had to reconsider the traditional tourism marketing methods in an industry that is regarded as one of the largest across the world, and represents one of the major sources of national income in some countries, as is the case in Egypt. Technological advancement has significantly contributed to alleviating the severity of the crisis in many sectors, including tourism, as 3D technology [has] enabled virtual tours in global museums through the internet, providing a way to attract tourism, shed light on Egypt, and enjoy its antiquities, museums, and old temples. Some people might see that there is nothing comparable to standing in front of the pyramids, embarking on a Nile cruise, or exploring temples whilst listening to a tour guide explaining the history of the ancient Egyptian antiquities, and it certainly is so, but virtual tourism has its own special pleasure and can be enjoyed during the current crisis.”

    During her talk, Gallo also advised tackling the drawbacks of The Grand Egyptian Museum’s delayed inauguration, by offering potential tourists a sneak peek of the museum’s contents, using footage and 3D technology. She believes that such promotional material will prepare Egypt for the next tourist season.

    “I have visited 114 countries around the world across different continents, and it was my pleasure to visit Egypt for the first time last year, which exceeded my expectations. It was wonderful to be a witness to the ancient Egyptian history, and I cannot in any way describe the splendor and beauty of this experience. I have put all my trips and travel plans on hold with the start of the current crisis and the halting of aviation to protect myself and those around me, and I spend my days visualising the countries I dream of visiting,”

    Gallo closed her talk on Narrative Summit: Reshaping Norms by reminding everyone to remain calm during this crisis, by taking control over our actions and being mindful of the financial and psychological stress that the pandemic has put almost everyone through.

    “We should be aware that many individuals and businesses are suffering and struggling, and so we should be patient, help each other, push forward positive behaviour, and avoid negativity. With the return of life to normal, we will resume exploring the world because it is one of the best ways to discover our interconnectedness.”

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    Posted by Narrative Summit on Saturday, July 25, 2020