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Direxonia: The Female-Led Egyptian Startup Making International Headlines

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Direxonia: The Female-Led Egyptian Startup Making International Headlines
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Who run the world? We all know the answer to that question, but in case you’re tone deaf, the answer is always women and girls. Women are becoming stronger than ever, and shattering glass ceilings in all fields. The secret ingredient to this is women sticking together, empowering one another, and giving each other a helping hand to combat sexist attitudes.

Speaking of sexist attitudes, we often hear that women do not know to drive. Indeed, the words “sew2at setat” (female driving) always carries very negative connotations. This is where Direxiona comes in: Direxiona is a Egyptian startup, which looks to provide every girl or woman seeking to receive professional driving lessons with a nearby and proximate certified female driving teacher. Direxonia is home to a range driving lesson packages, starting at 850 EGP, depending on users’ needs. Furthermore, Direxonia “assists users who are looking to reach the nearest agent should they need to buy new or used cars, [and] helps users who are in need of a car maintenance specialist.” 

While that service may not essentially be a a unique one, what is surely unique is the fact that Nayrouz Talaat, founder of Direxiona won a prize of 50,000 Euros. Direxonia was competing in the Third Edition of the Digital Challenge Competition which was conducted by the Agence Française de Développement (AFD) in Paris on May 9th, 2019. 

The goal of this competition is to finance companies that look to benefit women all over Africa, by providing these women with a service that enhances the position of women and allows them to fulfill their needs in order to help the women reach their fullest potential. As such, the competition aims to shed light on gender equality in a new way; gender equality is not just a public service project, nor should it be an afterthought, it is a necessary tool to building healthier future communities. 

Check out Direxonia’s website, or visit their Facebook page for more information.