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Dolphin Rescued in Hurghada

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Dolphin Rescued in Hurghada
written by
Mariam Nowar

(Image credit: Alwan El Watan)

A dolphin’s life was rescued by a group of doctors, who operated on the mammal for five hours in Hurghada, according to Akhbar El Yom. Three hoses were extracted from the dolphin’s intestines, with each tube measuring a metre long. With the guide of an endoscope, the hoses were hooked out of the dolphin’s body without anaesthesia.

(Via Akhbar El Yom)

Former President of the Maritime Rescue Association, Hassan El Tayeb told Alwan El Watan that the dolphin had gone three days without nutrition and was almost unconscious. He also added that the dolphin was too tired to object to the doctors’ interference, as if he had accepted such actions that ultimately saved his life.

According to Masrawy, in a phone call to Sabahak Masry show, El Tayeb revealed that the Ministry of Environment is enforcing new laws and regulations that should protect marine life, including dolphins.

The dolphin weighs 280 kilograms, and its length measures 3.2 metres. After the operation, the dolphin swam back to its natural habitat in the sea.

Listen to El Tayeb’s phone call with Sabahak Masry in the video below: