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Dust Busters: New Car Servicing Initiative Aims to Put Women in Control

Dust Busters: New Car Servicing Initiative Aims to Put Women in Control
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Cairo 360

In the past few years, Egypt has bore witness to a bloom of startup companies. But with all the economical benefits of these startups for the country, still only a few aim to have a direct positive impact on the well-being of the people; one of them is Dust Busters.

Set to launch its services this October at Gazayer Street’s Mobil gas station in Maadi, the car-care company takes pride in being the first of its kind in Egypt; the team members are mostly females, with the aim of providing opportunities to women that might otherwise elude them.

Coming from a family that has successfully run Elbassiouni & Co (German brand Karcher’s sole agent in Egypt) and Proteam Detailing (Italian brand Mafra’s sole agent in Egypt),the founder of Dust Busters, Laila Elbassiouni, is looking to make a real difference.

“The idea came after seeing females working in gas stations. I believe in gender equality; social norms should not dictate what women can or can’t do for a living”

But this is no gimmick; Elbassiouni is keen to point out that that Dust Busters will aim for the highest standards in the services they offer, building on Mafra’s slogan of ‘cosmetics for your care’ by offering what she calls a spa for your car, where it will get all the tender love and care it needs – and there will be opening discounts and giveaways.

Beyond her own goals and aspirations with Dust Busters, Elbassiouni also hopes that it can encourage something of a ripple effect. Despite being well-aware of the potential challenges that face her, Elbassiouni remains optimistic about the venture and the wider scope of Egypt’s gender equality issues, pointing out that similar initiatives and approaches have received support from certain sections of the public.

You can keep up to date with Dust Busters on Facebook and Instagram.