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EBE Bank’s Game-Changing Campaign Conquers New Ground ‎

5 Degrees Marketing Solutions EBE Bank Marketing ramadan campaign
EBE Bank’s Game-Changing Campaign Conquers New Ground ‎
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For a bank with a long history and a grand reputation like the Export Development Bank of Egypt, AKA EBE Bank, it’s never easy – in theory – to conquer new ground or attract a new range of clientele. But with a marketing team and a master plan, and a clear vision of how the future of the brand should look, it only took EBE Bank a couple of years to gain credibility among the new generation.

It all started with the core strategy of making regular customer’s needs – especially the youth — the focal point when it comes to the service that the bank offers, rather than solely attracting corporate and business owners.

The team channelled the bank’s new vision through a massive campaign, which took social media by storm in January 2020. Entitled الدهب مش حدوتة (What’s the Fuss About Gold?), the digital campaign, that included three different ads and three different characters, was a huge success.

Striking while the iron is hot, the marketing team have returned with a special Ramadan campaign, with the title” رايحين مع بعض لبكرة”   (Bridging together for tomorrow), starring starlet songstress Yasmine Ali, who performs the song in the ad, the new slogan will reflect on campaign’s objective, inspiring and supporting young business men.


The young star fits perfectly with the theme of the campaign, as well as the bank’s new vision; her voice represents the youth, their ambition, and their will to build a future and a better tomorrow, which is exactly what the bank’s new range of services is aiming for.

The new modern persona for a bank with such rich heritage signifies and highlights the role of EBE’s marketing team and management and their openness to new ideas, alongside 5 Degrees Marketing Solutions, and presents a great case study for successful re-branding. The new marketing strategies that EBE has been using lately put the bank in the lead when it comes to creativity and innovation.

Check out EBE’s official page on Facebook to learn more about the campaign and the bank’s latest offers.