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Egypt Is About to Break a Guinness World Record!

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Egypt Is About to Break a Guinness World Record!
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Every year, the rhythms of the capital during the holy month get a little bit more vibrant. With many decorative lights covering the streets, and a festive atmosphere that flows through the great city that’s full of magic and wonders, nothing is quite like the shivery feeling you experience during Ramadan. As you cross streets lit with every shade of colourful decoration imaginable, and you observe masses crowding up the roads as everyone rushes to gathering with friends and family for delicious Iftars and savoury Sohours.

Keeping that spirit alive, Egypt is planning to beat a Guinness World Record with the longest Iftar table, held sometime during the last 15 days of Ramadan. The Administrative Capital for Urban Development (ACUD) is inviting all Egyptians to the New Administrative Capital to join this celebration and be part of this once in a lifetime experience that will surely leave us all excited and eager for more records in the future.

The record for the world’s longest table is currently held by the UAE, organised by the Ajman Municipality and Planning Department, in which 6,000 people from all around the country gathered and relished in the joy and peace of the holy month on a 2,893.64-metre-long Iftar table. Keep your selves updated, invitations for the event are open to all Egyptians. See you there!


P.S. Speaking of records, this Egyptian bridge will be featured in Guinness World Records!