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Egypt to Manufacture an Electric Car

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Egypt to Manufacture an Electric Car
written by
Sherif Khairy

Featured image via alphr


Go back in time, to 1960 to be exact, when an Egyptian company was founded with the sole purpose of manufacturing the first ever Egyptian-made car. The company was called Nasr, and the car, Ramses. At the time, the cost of this car was a whopping 200 EGP, yes, there are no zeroes or Ks missing in that figure. It was, as they say, the good old days. This boxy car was manufactured from 1960 until 1972, when the vehicle was taken out of production.

Today, we’re about to bear witness to a similar historical event; Egypt is planning on manufacturing its first ever electrical car. Abdul Meniem Al-Toras, Director of the Arab Organization for Industrialization, has officially announced that there is a plan for manufacturing an Egyptian electric car, reminding us all of Egypt’s history with the Nasr company.

To make this environmentally friendly car, the teams responsible have conducted countless studies of the vehicle market in Egypt, and are looking to collaborate with a number of foreign companies, and experts in the subject matter.

But what about the price? Al-Toras has ensured that this vehicle should be affordable for the middle class demographic of Egyptian society.

This comes as part of a larger, comprehensive plan to go eco-friendly. In addition to the car, the organisation is negotiating with a number of companies to produce electric buses and microbuses to join the fleet of public transportation in an effort to reduce Cairo’s levels of pollution. There is an offer from one of the major companies in the field, and we can expect to see some preliminary steps in the upcoming period, all in collaboration with the Ministry of Investment and International Cooperation.