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Egyptian Gaming Startup Raises Pre-Series A Investment From Cairo Angels and Alex Angels

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Egyptian Gaming Startup Raises Pre-Series A Investment From Cairo Angels and Alex Angels
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Gaming has been a part of our childhoods ever since we can remember. Whether it was a small red Lego, a ball, a Power Ranger action figure, or even something as basic as a baby rattle, the joy and fantasy that we experienced in our own private world of entertainment will forever be cemented into our memory. Even as we grow older, the method of gaming may change, but the concept of fun remains the same. Nowadays, digital games, including the recently popular PUBG, are the most prominent tools worldwide.

Embracing the market demand, and empowering a team of tech geeks, game developers, game artists, and creative game designers, Egyptian mobile gaming startup, Cryptyd, just secured another investment to further expand their vision and belief in the power of mobile games to tell meaningful stories. Speaking of stories, the Alexandria-based company mentions the start of its tale on its Facebook page, “We started this company in 2015, We got an incubation from AUC Venture Lab as a part of its 6th cycle and are proud Cairo Angels portfolio company.”

MENAbytes stated the Cryptyd had raised a Pre-Series A investment from Alexandria Angels and Cairo Angels, which had invested in the startup before in 2015. Zeina Mandour, General Manager at Cairo Angels, stated, “We are confident in the Cryptyd team and their ability to develop innovative games for MENA. Additionally, we are proud to see one of our portfolio companies raise another round from our network, as this shows investor assurance in both the company and the executive team. Cryptyd has displayed large development over the past three years, and we’re assured that this development won’t stop anytime soon.”

Founded by Ahmed Alaa and Amera Ahmed, Cryptyd has developed five mobile games to date and is currently working on two more that are expected to be launched within the next few months. In terms of accessibility, the games are available for users across the world with some of them targeting a MENA-based audience. Ahmed Alaa, CEO of Cryptyd, said “We’re excited to secure our second investment from Cairo Angels and Alexandria Angels. Cairo Angels’ previous seed investment has been vital and allowed us to launch our business. Cairo Angels has been an active partner with us, and it was natural for us to turn into them as the lead investor for this round as well.”

He added, “Alexandria Angels has proven to be very helpful in closing this round and being Alexandria based, we are delighted to have Alex Angels backing. This Pre-Series A investment will reinforce our position in the MENA mobile gaming landscape and will accelerate our ability to improve our product and overall user experience. This investment will assist in the launch of our latest game.” 

Be sure to check out their website for further information on their amazing games and other services.