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Egyptian State Council to Hire Women for the First Time in History

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Egyptian State Council to Hire Women for the First Time in History
written by
Arwa Hezzah

After President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi ordered the Ministry of Justice and the State Council to hire women to work in the Egyptian judiciary last Monday, on International Women’s Day, his efforts to eradicate gender-based discrimination have come to fruition.

According to Daily News Egypt, the President directed the Minister of Justice, Omar Marwan, to work with the appropriate councils in order to ensure and promote gender equality within the Egyptian judiciary, allowing women to hold crucial positions therein.

On Sunday, a decision was issued by the Head of Egypt’s State Council, Mohamed Hossam El-Din, stating that women will be allowed to hold positions in the State Council. This announcement was made following a parliamentary decision last June, through which they amended the number of seats held by MPs to 568, 25% of which were to be held by women, reported Egypt Today.

In order to be eligible for the positions, candidates must hold a Bachelor of Laws degree with an excellent grade, as well as two postgraduate degrees in both Public Law and Administrative Law, according to Egypt Today. They must also have a clean work record, free of any penalties, and pass an interview conducted by a State Council committee dedicated to the matter. Taha Mohamed, State Council Secretary-General, has stated that the Council will aid eligible women interested in the positions with their applications.

Also, Hossam El-Din stated that the Council has plans to transfer women originally appointed in the Administrative Prosecutor’s Office and the State Litigation Authority to higher positions in the State Council and Public Prosecution. Moreover, the State Council, which is responsible for reviewing draft laws and decisions, has also approved a decision to immediately employ more women in the Administrative Prosecution Office and the State Lawsuits Authority, in hopes of allowing equality inside various judicial bodies.