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Egypt’s Celebrities Donate Millions In the ‘Tahadi Al Kheir’ Challenge

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Egypt’s Celebrities Donate Millions In the ‘Tahadi Al Kheir’ Challenge
    written by
    Mariam Nowar

    (Image credit: Ahmed Fahmy)

    Italians kept their spirits soaring by stepping out into their balconies and playing music during the self-quarantine that has been imposed since the outbreak of Coronavirus (COVID-19). While the challenge of staying at home becomes more and more difficult each day, Egyptian celebrities started the hashtag #TahadiAlKheir (the Good Challenge) to support families during this difficult time.

    Many employees cannot earn a living without going to work as usual, so Egypt’s celebrities have taken it upon themselves to make sure families can survive the quarantine without going hungry. They took to Instagram to challenge each other to financially support up to 100 families in a bid to stick together against the global threat.

    Among those stars are actress, Mona Zaki; actor, Ahmed El Saka, footballers, Saad Samir and Mahmoud Trezeguet; actor, Ahmad Fahmy and his wife Hannah El Zahed; comedian Chico; along with singer/actor, Mohamed Ramadan.


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