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Egypt’s Ministry of Social Solidarity to Provide Psychological Support for Underprivileged Children

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Egypt’s Ministry of Social Solidarity to Provide Psychological Support for Underprivileged Children
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Two days ago, the Egyptian Ministry of Social Solidarity announced their latest signed cooperation protocol with Samusocial International Egypte: caring for underprivileged street children and the homeless. In the framework of the national initiative to protect the children in the slums of the country with pure Egyptian funds, the ministry has published a statement on their official website that their newest project targets children in Cairo, Giza, Sharqia, Menoufia, Assiut, Qalyobia, Alexandria, Beni Seuf, Ismailia, Suez, and Port Said.

Based on the ministry’s statement, it has been declared that the employees of the mobile care units and social care homes will be trained on how to deal with the children and how to provide them with the needed first aid services. Additionally, children in social care homes will be given cultural and educational programmes and activities to help them survive the worst on the streets. The project also aims to provide psychological and mental health-related support for targeted individuals.

This is where Samusocial International Egypte comes in. Samusocial International Egypte has been in the market for quite some time, since their registration as a French organisation in Egypt back in 2008. The organisation provides a 24/7 medical and psycho-social care for Cairo’s street children within their areas, in addition to supporting partner organisations. Furthermore, Samusocial International Egypte has been working tirelessly on networking between all entities in the field and raising awareness on the issue, through holding local and international conferences and publicising statistical studies and reports to emphasise the importance of the matter.

Keep yourself posted with what does Samusocial has to offer for the community and be a part of the change. Follow and like their Facebook page here, and their official website here.