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Egypt’s North Coast to Get Its Very First Sky-High Tower

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Egypt’s North Coast to Get Its Very First Sky-High Tower
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When someone says “North Coast”, one’s mind escapes to sandy beaches, sunny days, and a picturesque chalet/villa by the sea. Life in the city gets boring and tiring, and in the summer, we just want to unwind at a nice small house near the beach. We just want to enjoy the air, the sand, and the blue waters of our Mediterranean Sea. But what if there’s something different on the market? What if there is a real estate project out there that turns the possibility of year-round coastal residence into a feasible option, as it comes equipped with every practical service and every possible luxury there is?

Imagine the tall sky-piercing buildings of a city with landscape views of other buildings, or perhaps a little greenery? Now think about the beautiful blue skies and blue sea of North Coast chalets. But what if both were combined? We’re talking about a huge new entry in the market of North Coast buildings here, coming courtesy of City Edge Developments. This is North Coast’s New Alamein City presenting to you the first ever sky-high towers with a beach view.

Now, some of you may be thinking that a residential tower in a coastal city is, at the very least, new to the ears. Well, yes, it is, especially considering that North Edge Towers is a unique project, different from the typical beachside experience that we are all used to; but, don’t you worry child, North Edge Towers will only transform our North Coast experiences by elevating them, literally and metaphorically. Literally because the project will be home to sky-high residential units, and metaphorically because, well, let’s just say this project will boast incomparable views, international retail and entertainment experiences, and just plain luxury.

Regardless of how new and unique the idea is, some of you may ponder over the question of practicality, but let us assure you that there is an assertive answer to that question. Your sky-high units will come fully furnished, and we’re not talking about tiny living spaces either. Whether you’re a young couple, a small family, or even a huge one, City Edge Developments has ideal units for different residents with units ranging from 1 bedroom, all the way to 4 bedroom units.

All this and more means that City Edge Developments is offering more than just a summer home; City Edge Developments is offering its clients a lifestyle choice, a way to re-imagine coastal living, and a novel North Coast experience.