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Eid in Cairo: 6 Ways to Do it Differently

Eid in Cairo: 6 Ways to Do it Differently
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Cairo 360

Stuck in Cairo this Eid? Well, you needn’t envy all your friends spending their big Bairam holiday by Egypt's many coasts; we've got a little-something-for-everyone. Here’s why spending this Eid in Cairo might not be the worst thing in the world.

Watch Everest at IMAX

While the insane crowds lining up in movie theatres to see the latest Eid movies may not make going to the movies an encouraging decision; you can still have an exceptional bone-chilling cinematic experience at IMAX watching Everest; one of the hottest movies this season. Inspired by true events, Everest documents the journey of climbers towards the Mount Everest summit and their struggle for survival as their adventure gets suddenly interrupted by a ferocious snowstorm.

With a perfect 3D resolution alongside mind-blowing cinematography, watching Everest this Eid will keep you at the edge of your seat; just make sure you book your tickets early right here

Paintballing at Adrenalin Rush

Fancy unleashing your inner child/warrior this break in a fun competitive setting? How about spending your break in a simulated warzone plotting tactics against your friends? This Eid, you can sign up at Egypt’s chief recreational venue, Adrenalin Park, offering leisure activities including paintballing, aqua fights, treasure hunts and laser fights. For reservations, call 01110014177 or 0122500 1008.   

Escape Games

Have you ever wanted to experience the horror of being stuck in a room where solving a puzzle or deciphering a complicated riddle is your only way out? Much like the mind-blowing—and insanely ghastly—thriller series, Saw, Cairo has a number of thrilling and escape games for the group of friends looking forward to having an avant-gardist outing that’s mentally and emotionally challenging.

Escape games including BreakOut, Escape Egypt and the Room Egypt offer you unconventional and bone-chilling settings including tombs, bathrooms, prison cells and morgues. Spend this Eid testing your teamwork skills and your ability to escape horrific rooms under pressure and fear; but before you sign up, remember that only the brave ones make it out. 

Go to the Theatre

Take a chance to see what’s up-and-coming within Cairo’s theatrical scene with several performances taking place this Eid; including two plays (Zei2ab El Habal & Heya Ba2et Keda) performed by Teatro Masr theatre troupe from September 24th through September 27th, or if you missed the popular play 1980 Wenta Tale3, we recommend you go watch it, with their Eid performances showing on the 23rd, 25th, 26th and the 27th (two performances back-to-back 5pm and 9 pm).  

Catch Some Live Music

Perhaps Cairo Jazz Club is one of the few venues that just knew what to do for those stuck in Cairo this Eid. Enjoy a night of non-stop DJ music at Cairo Jazz Club this Eid; with a line-up that includes deep house music by DJ Miesh on the 24th, local duos DJ Ayman Nageeb and DJ Fuzzy on the 25th and Salalem band with their groovy tunes and lyrics on the 26th.  

Hotel Holidays

Some people like a little luxurious on their holidays; which is why spending a refreshing weekend in one of Cairo’s top-notch hotels is always a good idea. Enjoy special packages in Cairo hotels this Eid with rates starting 900LE on a double room basis at Conrad Cairo hotel, 1,200 LE at Fairmont Heliopolis, 1,500LE at Intercontinental Cairo Semiramis, 1,850LE++ at Four Seasons First Residence, 1,975LE at JW Marriott, not to mention some tempting upgrades, offers on lunch and dinner, exquisite Eid brunch and many others at both Royal Maxim Palace Kempinski and Kempinski Nile hotel.

Happy Eid!