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El Sewedy Education Partners With E4Impact to Support Egyptian Entrepreneurs and Startups

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El Sewedy Education Partners With E4Impact to Support Egyptian Entrepreneurs and Startups
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Bold moves towards improving entrepreneurship and education are much needed during the tough times we face as a nation, and as citizens of the world. And with the many global changes taking place, collaborations and knowledge exchange will pave the next generations’ way to a brighter future, and help them cope with the challenges they are expected to face.

Egyptian education investment and management company, El Sewedy Education has officially joined forces with the Italian E4Impact Foundation to bring forth a new wave of entrepreneurship across Egypt and Africa.

“To E4Impact, this agreement assumes special relevance: it means operating with a remarkable partner in one of the leading countries of the continent, particularly important for Italy and its enterprises, in order to give life to a unique project. We trust in a fruitful partnership with outstanding perspectives,” said Chief Executive Officer, Professor Mario Molteni, during the signing of the partnership agreement with El Sewedy Education’s Chief Executive Officer, Mr Ihab Salama.

Founder and Chairman of El Sewedy Education, Engineer Ahmed El Sewedy, was present at the signing ceremony held earlier this year, and was joined by the Italian Ambassador to Egypt, H.E. Giampaolo Cantini, along with Vice Executive Director of Egypt’s General Authority for Investment and Free Zones, Ms Ola El Kobrosy.

El Sewedy shared that the initiative not only promotes entrepreneurship but also applies modern tools through activities that positively influence the country’s economy. His economic goals will be significantly enhanced through the partnership, which aims to create job opportunities, aid new businesses through training, and pave the way for small and medium Egyptian enterprises to flourish. This will occur through the partnership’s initiative to establish a centre that will provide all sorts of services to startups in order to overcome challenging circumstances through development training.

Professor Molteni’s E4Impact Foundation, which is headquartered in Milan, has supported startups in 13 African countries, and has trained over a thousand entrepreneurs.

The partnership could not have come at a more suitable time, as Egypt’s young entrepreneurs require guidance towards success during the swiftly changing times, and the rapid growth of the nation’s startup ecosystem.

Ambassador Giampaolo Cantini showed a great deal of interest in the partnership’s impact on improving the local entrepreneurship ecosystem, and its possible means of raising capital.

If you own a new startup, and you’re looking for chances of investments, growth, and success, stay tuned to the partnership’s upcoming series of events under the theme of Young Talents – Entrepreneurship Day. These events will be organised by El Sewedy Education, E4Impact Foundation, the Embassy of Italy in Cairo, Fekretak Sherketak, AlexBank, and online magazine, E7kky.

Initially, the launch event was scheduled to take place on the 22nd of April. However, due to the Coronavirus outbreak, a new date is set to be announced later.

The event will feature plenty of workshops, talks, and discussions by both key figures in the market and aspiring entrepreneurs. You could join too, so don’t miss the chance to showcase your set of ideas in El Sewedy Education and E4Impact Foundation’s first incubation cycle.

But for now, stay safe, stay home, and most importantly, stay hopeful.