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EMAN: The Egyptian Makeup Artist Taking Over America

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EMAN: The Egyptian Makeup Artist Taking Over America
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Egyptian women have been slaying the makeup game since, well, forever. In fact, ancient Egypt is known for introducing many makeup techniques that we use regularly today. As popular as makeup is in Egypt, its surprising not more Egyptian women have gained popularity in the MUA (Makeup Artist) community on YouTube. Luckily, this talented lady is reaching great heights in the US as an Egyptian makeup artist.

Based in Los Angeles, Eman has been active on YouTube since 2009, and has uploaded a wide variety of makeup tutorials as well as fashion, wellness, and lifestyle videos, along with several vlogs. She’s accumulated an impressive 800k subscribers and an overall 77 million views on her videos.

Her Instagram page has gained over 100k followers, and she’s been involved in campaigns and sponsorships with big brands like Garnier, Caudalie, Laura Mercier, and MAC.

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She’s also proud of her Egyptian background, discussing it in her videos, and how it affected her upbringing and even her career as a makeup artist and social media influencer. She mentions the fact that her parents were extremely strict as she grew up, and they still are! She even jokes about the pressure her family placed on her to get married (something every Egyptian girl can relate to), and her struggles with asserting her own independence.

So, if you’re looking for more Egyptian makeup artists to support, or just good makeup artists in general, check out Eman’s channel!