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Entreprenelle: The Social Enterprise Empowering Egyptian Women

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Entreprenelle: The Social Enterprise Empowering Egyptian Women
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    Fighting sexism and combating gender-based violence can take many paths, like highlighting female role models who have managed to challenge stereotypes. In a country where social entrepreneurship had no presence whatsoever, doing something for the sake of women is a bit unwelcomed, to say the least. Indeed, a stumbling block that hindered Rania Ayman, CEO of Entreprenelle, was a society that had no adequate knowledge of the concept of creating a business model that is committed to helping women in the community, while simultaneously making a profit.

    Entreprenelle is a social enterprise that works along four main avenues, all with the primary goal of empowering women: education, awareness, resources accessibility, and economic environment. This platform was created to mentor and assist women in becoming entrepreneurs. They have facilitated over 60 workshops all around Egypt, and have partnered with more than 30 business women.

    In an interview with Egypt Today, Ayman cited several studies which indicate that Egypt has one of the highest divorce rates in the world. Furthermore, Ayman cited studies which point out that 12 % of those who own startups in the Middle East are women, while only 17% to 23% of women in Egypt are employed.

    Entreprenelle aims to cater to all types of women. This is evident, for example, in the fact that it provides online content, which caters to stay-home-mothers who aren’t always able to physically attend workshops. Entreprenelle also hosts several events in Cairo, Alexandria, and other governorates, in the hope of reaching more as many women as possible.

    Perfecting their pitch and mastering the craft of a well built and implemented initiative, Entreprenelle is going to host this year’s very special edition of “SHE CAN: Successful Failures” on Friday, 8 March at the Greek Campus in Tahrir. Tickets are available at their premises in Maadi, or you can purchase it through registering here. Payments can be made through Vodafone Cash 01099198788 or Fawry Credit Card.  Early bird tickets are 150 LE, and regular tickets cost 300 LE.

    With a lot of activities and speeches ongoing throughout the day, you wouldn’t want to run late.