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Every Tent in the Capital: A Comprehensive Guide to Ramadan Nights in Cairo

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Every Tent in the Capital: A Comprehensive Guide to Ramadan Nights in Cairo
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    What’s the most important thing in Ramadan, which is forbidden to touch our lips from sunrise until sunset? You guessed it – Food! As we all know, we have only two main occasions, in our limited 9-hour span, when we can spoil ourselves with an overload of food and drinks: Iftar & Sohour. One of the most famous forms of celebration for the latter is the widespread tents, especially the extravagant ones that we witness every year, during this time, at various hotels. So, let’s take a look at some of these places that you have to visit before the holy month is up!  

    Nile Ritz-Carlton (Wust El Balad)

    Located at the Nile Ritz-Carlton’s spacious garden, the hotel’s Ramadan tent, Wust El Balad, combines a contemporary and oriental ambience, where you can enjoy your favourite Sohour dish, sip a refreshing drink, and just enjoy your time with friends and family. You can also watch your favourite series, in HD quality, on the gigantic screens, while resting on some very comfortable white leather couches, surrounded by an array of colourful pillows, tent covers, lanterns, and wallpaper. Thanks to the collaborative efforts of Events Plus Egypt, Promovision, and Event House, you can expect a memorable Ramadan experience at a whole new level.       

    Sheraton Cairo Hotel (ZAD)

    In collaboration with AZAR Events, Sheraton Hotel Cairo presents a magnificent tribute to oriental beauty that conveys some Egyptian and Moroccan elements, with a touch of modernity. Added to the breathtaking view of the Nile, and the endless fun activities, including live music and entertainment, ZAD’s lively nights are sure to take your typical Ramadan night to a whole new level. With plates of world-class, mouth-watering savoury and sweet oriental bites, serenaded with live-entertainment, Sheraton Cairo Hotel will provide you with the ultimate Ramadan night.

    Royal Maxim Palace Kempinski (Bab Al Qasr)

    Renowned for being home to some of the best culinary destinations in the city, New Cairo’s hotel Royal Maxim Palace Kempinski brings back its highly successful Ramadan tent, Bab Al Qasr, with evenings of takht and DJ. The magical night will commence in front of the main building, or the Palace, at the Pool Courtyard. Star Nights is one of the highly anticipated events, with expected appearances of Mahmoud El Esseily, Pousy, Adaweya, and Mahmoud El Lithy. Also, the hotel has added a new twist this year at the Terrace, which is set to host corporate Iftars.

    Conrad Cairo Hotel (El Lama El Helwa By Jayda)

    This year, Downtown’s Conrad Hotel brings you El Lama El Helwa at the Jayda Nile Terrace. The official event page invites you to soak in the Oriental vibes and enjoy a perfect setting for social evenings with Iftar and Sohour specialities, and daily live entertainment overlooking the Nile. Moreover, “El Lama El Helwa’s” a la carte menu will be available from 11.00 PM, as well as the set menus to provide the guests with a night that they will never forget.

    Grand Nile Tower

    Whether you’re planning to eat a satisfying plate of Sohour food or just a cup of coffee with a piece of cake, the Grand Nile Tower has got you covered!  All their outlets offer you an a la carte menu that comprises of a vast selection of Oriental desserts, pastries, and beverages, as well as your favourite all-time oriental main items such as fava beans and eggs as well as a variety of delicious appetisers.

    Qamar ElDin Tent

    Boasting the best Nile views in Cairo, from Iftar to Sohour the tent will offer a selection of our most loved Egyptian recipes along with a number of exclusive nights featuring traditional Egyptian and Islamic entertainment and performers. From the well-known Amer el Touny and his band “Al Mawlawya” to the popular Egyptian Project and daily Takht, Qamr elDin provides the perfect ambience for both family and corporate gatherings.

    Cairo Festival City Mall (El Khema)

    If you thought that CFCM, the city’s ultimate regional shopping centre, doesn’t get involved in Ramadan events, then prepare to be surprised! For the first time ever, CFCM will bring the people of Cairo El Khema Ramadan Tent, filled with live entertainment, great vibes, and everything we all love about Ramadan. And the excitement doesn’t stop there! Following Ramadan’s celebrated tradition of generosity, the mall will offer its goers an array of opportunities by which they can win cool and exciting gifts and vouchers.

    Uptown Cairo’s Clubhouse (Lanterns on the Terrace)

    Hosted by Emaar Misr, Lanterns on the Terrace returns for another year at Uptown Cairo’s Clubhouse. The description on their Facebook page pretty much sums up anything we could possibly say, “Ramadan nights to remember at Lanterns on The Terrace at Uptown Cairo’s Clubhouse! Experience magical nights under the stars as you enjoy fine cuisine overlooking Uptown Cairo’s breathtaking golf course, with live performances on weeknights and special performances by Cairo’s top musicians on weekends to set the mood.”

    Renaissance Cairo Mirage City Hotel (Afandina)

    For the 2nd year in a row, Renaissance Cairo Mirage City Hotel invites all families and friends to enjoy the special nights of Ramadan. They state on social media, “Enjoy your Iftar, Sohour and the in-between saving the best memories at the most special place in your heart, your mind as well make it an unforgettable month of blessings and love at Afandina’s Tent.” After hosting Hegazy Met’aal yesterday, the hotel will host yet another superstar, Moustafa Hagag, this Friday!  

    The Tap West-Galleria 40 (3alTawla)

    The weekend is approaching, so you probably need to unwind and go out with your friends or family to enjoy a special Sohour. What better way for you to do that than attending the grand opening of 3alTawla, Galleria40 on May 9th, while witnessing an epic performance by Egyptian superstar, Mohamed Fouad! And the excitement continues with the Sharmoofers, scheduled to give an equally unforgettable show the very next day!    

    Sahar Khan at Andiamo Pizza Garden & Club 

    Located in New Cairo, Andiamo has been home to some of the most glitzy, glamorous, and fun nights in the capital. This Ramadan is surely no exception; indeed, the folks at Andiamo are treating guests to the Sahar Khan tent, and promising goers authentic oriental vibes, delicious food, perfectly flavoured shisha, as well as a nostalgic ambiance inspired by the classic “Alf Leila w Leila” tale. All this and more, makes Sahar Khan ideal for intimate gatherings, and corporate Sohours/Iftars. 

    Triumph Luxury Hotel (Sehraya)

    According to the event’s Facebook page, the 9th of May will witness the opening of the biggest Ramadan tent at the Triumph Luxury Hotel. The 3-day itinerary is packed with a wide selection of your favourite singers each day, including Mahmoud El Leithy, the legendary Wael Gassar, and Okka Wi Ortega. Talk about range right? The night starts at 10 pm, so get ready for the weekend of your life and we’ll see you there!

    Semiramis InterContinental Cairo (Fawanees)

    Semiramis InterContinental Cairo’s all-time favourite Ramadan tent, Fawanees, returns to the Nile Terrace with a killer view and a cheerful setting, offering Sohour and Iftar set menus that boast an array of Oriental classics. Fawanees is also ready for the season with a selection of shisha flavours, a gigantic screen on which you can watch your favourite Ramadan TV shows, as well as a round of eventful nights where famous stars take to the stage.

    Four Seasons First Residence (La Gourmandise & Aura)

    This year, The Four Seasons First Residence has decided to grant the public not one, but two amazing Ramadan tents: La Gourmandise & Aura. The former will include an all Sohour buffet of Egyptian favourites, such as foul, falafel, and an egg station, with Ramadan desserts and drinks served on the side. As for Aura, guests will get to enjoy Aura’s extensive á la carte menu or a special set menu catered for more than a group of 10 guests, alongside some exciting live entertainment.  

    The list goes on and on with other fantastic Ramadan tents, like Layaly El Marg, at the JW Marriot Cairo Hotel, where you can enjoy genuinely authentic Ramadan vibes to create unforgettable memories. As well as the Si Omar Ramadan Lounge, at Hilton Heliopolis, that has gathered families & friends since 2003 for the optimum Ramadan experience. 

    Additionally, New Cairo’s Sky Executive Resort is hosting El 7ara Tent; a Ramadan tent promising its goers delicious food, memorable moments, and live entertainment. Another New Cairo venue, promising goers an amazing tent is Dusit Thani LakeView Cairo. Indeed, this chic hotel will be home to Layaly El Khedewy Ramadan Tent; this tent will treat its guests to an open buffet Sohour, daily live entertainment, and some fresh poolside breeze.

    For those looking for an amazing view of the Nile, we are more than glad to announce that Eat & Barrel will be home to 7akawy El Neel. This means that you will get to enjoy a line-up of amazing stars, yummy food, as well as a breathtaking view of the Nile River. You can also hit Mood Swing Tent for some magical beats, tasty food, and great Ramadan vibes. You can also head to The Courtyard Maadi, and enjoy mesmerizing Nile views and an amazing ambience at Maw3adaweya Tent.