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Everything You Need to Know about Cairo’s Nile Taxi

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Everything You Need to Know about Cairo’s Nile Taxi
written by
Mariam Nowar

(Image credit: Almal News)

If, like us, you’re in awe of the river Nile, you have the chance to take a ride on the Nile Taxi through the capital for a reasonable cost that is suitable for Egyptians and foreigners.

Recently, the chairman of Nile Taxi, Magdy Ghaly, said to Almal News that the company is set to inaugurate seven new launch sites from Maadi to the banks of Shobra El Kheima that will be dedicated to Nile Taxi. These are planned to open in a month.

Ghaly confirmed that the infrastructure implementation had cost 14LE million, which launched 13 taxis that can hold up to 15 people per boat. As for the prices, the journey will cost from 45LE to 50LE per person, based on the trip.


(Via Almal News)


The Nile Taxi company is aiming to launch a river bus from Maadi to Helwan, and from Shobra El Kheima to El Qanater, which should start working within three months and carry up to 50 passengers.

The idea of launching Nile Taxi was pitched over three years ago in hopes of lessening the traffic in Cairo, and has two systems for travel; the first runs on a fixed schedule to specific stations, and the second is tailored according to the client’s demand.

To find out more about Nile taxi and the timing of the trips, visit its Facebook page here.