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Everything You Need to Know About the Electric Car Hitting Egypt

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Everything You Need to Know About the Electric Car Hitting Egypt
    written by
    Sherif Khairy

    Electric cars have been a dream for so long in the automotive industry, the developments have been hindered heavily over the years that it turned into a carrot hung on the heads of such technology innovators. However, recent years have shown that the dream is now a reality, and the objective is now reliable electric cars that are affordable to mass demand.

    Today we tell you everything you need to know about a new automotive company producing small electric cars in ridiculously affordable prices. Weep is the tiny city car produced by Jiayuan Electric Vehicles, a Chinese company founded in 1982. This miniature version of Jeep shares the boxy look and a bit of the grill design, but nothing of the specifications or price tag.

    Different models are on offer, two-person vehicles start at 115,000 EGP, and prices go up to 170,000 EGP for four-person vehicles. Models also differ in terms of top sped, 50 km/hr or 80 km/hr, as well as the different specifications in the car such as air-conditioning, power steering, rear and front cameras, as well as a DVR information system, panoramic sunroof, and electric-folding mirrors.

    As for the car’s efficiency, it’s very practical in terms of charging, as you can do so through any outlet in your own home. Charging takes between 6 to 8 hours, and is very cost-effective, it can only add around 5-10 EGP to your electric bills, but of course this would increase depending on updated rates and your personal overall consumption. This charge will give the car a range of 80-120 km depending on the speed and engine power.

    Now the main concern for any car enthusiast who’s thinking of purchasing this car is that the top speed is just 80 km/hr. The company’s answer to this concern is to drive it within the confines of a residential compound as an alternative to golf carts. Additionally, the company offers no registrations for this vehicle as of yet, which consequently means that you cannot register and will not be able to drive it around Cairo streets.

    Weep offers test drives for their vehicles, so if you want to see how it feels to drive this tiny car, or looking to learn more information, check out their website here.