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Fab15: Celebrating Collective Independence and Empowering Marginalised Communities

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Fab15: Celebrating Collective Independence and Empowering Marginalised Communities
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Cairo 360

Meetings and conferences help people share their experiences and insights, thereby making these congregations among one of the best ways to develop new connections, and stimulate the growth of novel ideas.

Building on the inspiring notion behind the Fab conferences that gather members from more than 1,600 labs from all around the world to share, discuss, collaborate, and create communities, we are thrilled to announce that the 15th edition of Fab conference for the year 2019 in Egypt is happening now. This year, the conference will take place in two different cities in our country, by the Red Sea coast in El Gouna, and the capital, Cairo. At the conferences, both laboratory researchers and field practitioners come together for a week saturated with talks, panel discussions, and hands-on workshops on the application and principles of digital fabrication.

In its 15th edition, and under the slogan of “Collectively Independent”, this year’s event looks to promote the inclusion of marginalised groups by helping them build strategic alliances. From there, the targeted marginalised communities will feel genuinely empowered, as they will become protagonists of their own stories, struggles, and solutions. As such, they will become catalysts of positive change, rather than mere recipients of aid and help.

This edition will witness the discussion of five core concepts: Entrepreneurship for Growth, Design for Change, Towards 4.0, Fab City, and Making to Learn. The event started on July the 28th and will last until August the 2nd in ElGouna. Then, the event will relocate to Cairo from August the 3rd to the 4th. The conference is hosted by Fab Lab Egypt, San3aTech, Flinc, Giza Systems, Fab Foundation, and The Center for Bits and Atoms – Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

Make sure you keep yourself updated with all the event’s happenings on their official website and Facebook page!