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First Football Factory in the Middle East Set to Open in 6th of October City

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First Football Factory in the Middle East Set to Open in 6th of October City
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Since 2019 seems to be the year of Egypt’s firsts, based on recent events in the past six months, it’s time to expand our scope to the Middle East. In early July, Novavera Sport, that describes itself as a multi-national, high-end agency providing professional sports management, is set to open the first football factory in the Middle East, in 6th of October industrial zone! For those who aren’t aware, Novavera owns the brand Tempo Sport, which is licensed by the European Union (EU) for all sports industries.   

Yallakora quoted Saif al Assiouti, founder of Novavera Sports, who said, In Egypt, Africa, and the Middle East, there are generally no ball factories. 90% of the ball industry is in China and Pakistan. Is this reasonable?!”  From then on, all the actions were dedicated to changing this unfortunate fact into a more positive one. According to Daily News, Al Assiouti estimated the project’s investments at 50 million Egyptian pounds over three years, through a partnership between Al-Assiouty Sport and Master Sports.

A dedicated staff of 150 Egyptian workers and 15 experts, who previously worked with Nike and Adidas, will be present at the factory to produce one million balls in the first year, which will be certified by FIFA. This is no easy task as the balls have to undergo seven different tests. Utilising advanced technology, the company will cover all governorates of Egypt with several agents and distribution outlets. After eventually meeting the needs of the Egyptian market, Al Assiouti aims to reach the entire Arab and African market during the next five years.  

The factory will produce its first batch of footballs before the start of the next football season. We can’t wait!