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Five Ways the Kempinski Nile Hotel Offers the Ultimate Luxury Experience in Cairo

Five Ways the Kempinski Nile Hotel Offers the Ultimate Luxury Experience in Cairo
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Cairo 360

There are few sights as enchanting as the Nile view from Garden City; an area surrounded by museums, endless sightseeing possibilities and the best outings in town. One particular place that takes full advantage of its ideal location is the Kempinski Nile Hotel, which fuses its French design by Pierre Yves Rochon with classical touches of Egyptian heritage carving out a distinct reputation for itself – and it’s easy to see why…

Dine Like a Sultan

Cairo360 knows first-hand how good the food is at the Kempinski Nile; take Turkish restaurant, Osmanly, for example. It’s one of a handful of restaurants in the whole of Cairo that has received a perfect five-star review and is a multiple Cairo 360 Editors’ Choice Award winner – but even more impressive is that for the last seven years, it has achieved the most difficult feat of all: maintaining its standards and staying at the top while delivering one of the most unique dining experiences in the entire country.

Taking you on an Ottoman culinary adventure, we even got to pick the brain of Chef De Cuisine, Huseyin Girgin, who gave us some insights on how things work backstage.

The Refuge of the Rooms

Elegant, spacious and comfortable are three words that the folks at the Kempinski Nile like to use when describing their rooms and this is another element which the hotel excels at through every single one of its rooms and suites. Each offer private balconies that open up to stunning views of the Nile, as well as a private butler to cater to your every whim; it’s the fusion of luxury and comfort that really makes your stay a truly memorable experience.

A Family Escape by the Nile

For all the high-end restaurants and luxury experiences, Kempinski Nile also provides a perfect Friday escape with the hotel’s luxurious brunch at The Blue Restaurant. It has all the class and sophistication you’d expect of the Kempinski Nile, but with a perfectly relaxing, wholesome atmosphere – and lest we forget the irresistible Nile view and an exceptional collection of imported seafood dishes and other mouth-watering options.

And because the festive season is almost here, Kempinski Nile has also prepared an exceptional surprise with their take-home Turkey dinner for the Christmas season along with other delectable courses enough to pamper eight family members and friends.

There is nothing better than a friend, unless it’s a friend with chocolate…

Seriously, who doesn’t adore chocolate? Kempinski Nile’s Chocolate Lounge is the place where you can indulge your winter with homemade chocolates and desserts whose artisan cocoa creations are as delicious as they are sinful.

Baroque Beauty, Whimsical Wellness

And then we come to the Kempinski Nile’s spa. If there has to be one thing that encompasses the hotel’s world-class facilities, unprecedented service and worldly expertise, it’s right here. With a fitness centre that’s open 24 hours a day, the Kempinski Nile’s facilities are second to none – for example, each cardiovascular machine has a personal television and headphones, once again giving the experience that personal touch. But the really stunning feature is that you can get your workout done while overlooking a stunning view of the Nile– see, exercising can be fun!

But just a little way down the hallway on the tenth floor is The Spa – where magic happens. From   saunas and massages to facials and healing wraps, there’s nothing the staff at The Spa can’t do. In just one hour, you’ll feel like you’ve been reborn. Pampering, thy name is The Spa.

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