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Five Ways the New Emaar Egypt Community App Makes Life a Whole Lot Easier

Five Ways the New Emaar Egypt Community App Makes Life a Whole Lot Easier
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Cairo 360

The digital age, as they call it, has brought everything – and we mean everything – a touch away through that small little thing we have come to take for granted: the smartphone. There’s an app for pretty much everything these days and one of the latest to shake up the way we do things day to day comes courtesy of Emaar Egypt – the folks behind the likes of Uptown Cairo, Marassi and Mivida.

As if life was so hard in these communities, the app which is available on Android and iOS exclusively to homeowners, could actually make their lives easier. Don’t believe us? Behold…

You Can Request Services

Nothing’s worse than when you’re chilling at home on a lazy Friday afternoon ready to get some pool-time and realising it needs to be cleaned. With the Emaar Egypt Community App, you can requests everything from housekeeping to changing bulbs or trimming the garden ensuring that nothing ruins the all-relaxing weekend your heart desires.

You Can Stay Up-to-Date with All the Fun Stuff

Whether you love to roam a bazaar at Mivida while um-ing and ah-ing at the various treats before you, or maintaining the strict work-out regime that only Uptown’s personal gym trainer can make you commit to, the Emaar Egypt app lets you stay in the know about events, activities and other pursuits of leisure. It’s like having your own executive assistant, but without all the sass.

You Can Save your Marriage

So here’s the scenario: you’ve been working extra hours to impress your new manager and your wife has been nagging you because you’re not spending time with the kids. If things aren’t bad enough, you’ve just remembered that it’s her birthday and you’ve forgotten. Nooooooooo! But wait – with the app, you can find a place that will deliver a cake immediately. Birthday – and marriage – saved. For now.

You Can Make Sure Everything Taken Care of at Before Going to Marassi for the Weekend

There’s one thing we all dread about the start of Sahel Season – opening up the house after the long winter months. Everything needs to cleaned and aired out – and you’re likely to find a thing or two that need to be fixed/replaced/set-up/generally worked on. With the app, however, you can ensure that you can book the help you need to get it all done – because the first day of Sahel Season shouldn’t be taxing.

You Can Become Part of the Most Advanced ‘Smart Community’ in Egypt

Essentially, the Emaar Egypt Community App is a big step towards the weird and wonderful world of smart communities – a concept that Emaar seems to be especially fond of, like some kind a technologically utopian future. What is the role of technology? Apart from maybe creating robot butlers (which someone needs to do immediately), it’s to make out lives easier and just generally better. It makes it easier by allowing you to report a broken manhole with your community’s app with a location-tagged photo without the long waits on the call-center hotline, for example. How does it make life better? Well that’s where the Privilege Program comes in, granting users access to special offers and discounts from some of the region’s top retailers and service providers. Because who doesn’t love a good discount or two?