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Fixawy: Get All Your Problems Fixed

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Fixawy: Get All Your Problems Fixed
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Whenever we hear someone from the older generation say that technology has drastically ruined our society, our go-to response is to say that all technology has the potential to hurt and help in equal measures. Indeed, who is to say that Facebook and Instagram are all bad? Yes, they have facilitated negative trends like cyberbullying, but they have also allowed people to stay in touch, share parts of their lives with loved ones who live miles away, and they have also provided a forum for people to express their opinions freely. Additionally, regardless of where you stand on this entire debate, you can’t deny that technology has made certain aspects of our lives easier; can you imagine commuting around a city as big and bustling as Cairo without apps like SWVL or Uber? Can you imagine not being able to send files via email? Can you imagine the number of trees we are saving by having you read this article online, instead of publishing it on paper?

Given the growing role of technology, it is not surprising that Egyptian app developers, entrepreneurs, and innovators have been wanting to secure a position in the world of technology. Speaking of developers and entrepreneurs, today we are here to tell you all about FIXAWY App – the best platform to look up home services and craftsmen in Egypt.

Fixawy App provides users with access to plumbers, electricians, carpenters, air condition service personnel, as well as gypsum board, aluminium, tiling, and house painting specialists. Regarding requirements, the app doesn’t allow just any person to do the work, only those who pass interviews, as well as quality assurance, and safety tests. Every fixer has a personal portfolio, which includes a copy of their national ID and a criminal record check. Additionally, the pricing system at Fixawy is easily understandable for all customers, preventing users from the exhausting process of price negotiations. Indeed, once the job is done, the system sends a message with the final price needed to be covered by the client (much like ride-hailing apps).

Just download the app whether you’re an i0S or an Android user, search through hundreds of fixers to find the perfect one for you, reserve your preferred time slot, and then you will receive a confirmation. The app also allows you to review the provided service to help new users select the most reliable and high-rated fixers. Check them out on Facebook here, and get all your problems fixed!