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Foodics is the Restaurant Management Solution We’ve Been Waiting For

Biznex Foodics Restaurant Management
Foodics is the Restaurant Management Solution We’ve Been Waiting For
    written by
    Salma Sabek

    Participating in Biznex this year was Foodics, a leading Saudi company supporting the restaurants, cafes, and retail sectors with modern technology. Representing Foodics was Country-Manager Belal Zahran, who talked about the positive impact of technology and digital transformation on the F&B industry. Foodics is a restaurant management system that manages sales, transactions, inventory, employee schedules, and customer relationships. It can be an effective tool for rational management that leads to higher profits and builds a better brand image through modern technological means, such as cloud management systems for orders and inventory and reports. Zahran also emphasised the importance of modern digital marketing methods in supporting restaurants and cafes in Egypt, especially in the wake of COVID 19.

    Foodics offers a wide range of services, including organisation and management of restaurants, Process Control, which ensures quality; Order of Operations, which integrates all the facility’s processes into one cohesive flow that is both time and cost efficient; Customer Targeting Service, and the Foodics App Store, the platform that provides you with a set of applications that can be linked to each other.

    Foodics offers a package system that can include whichever services correspond with your particular business needs that can be paid monthly or annually. Foodics’ mission is to enhance the capabilities of restaurant and retailer owners through a comprehensive cloud-based point of sale and restaurant management system that enriches their daily operations. The system serves multiple food and beverage outlets, from casual restaurants and cafes, fast food restaurants, bakeries, and food trucks to cloud kitchens. Even though Foodics was established in 2014, it has already launched seven offices around the MENA region due to the rapid and growing demand for Foodics’ services from companies and vendors across the Middle East and North Africa