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Frico Egypt: Show Your Loved Ones You Care with…Cheese

Frico Egypt: Show Your Loved Ones You Care with…Cheese
written by
Cairo 360

You’ve seen it on social media. You’ve seen the hilarious billboards across Cairo with emoticons made out of cheese. You might even seen us getting iin pon the act on Cairo 360’s Instagram earliertoday.

We speak of, course, of Frico Egypt’s latest quirky campaign, which sees the cheese brand give their fans the chance to show their loved ones – particularly mothers – that they care in the most unique of ways. You see, nothing says “Mama, I love you” like a hearty cheese sandwich.

#‏وريهم_حبك_ليهم (trans: show them that you care, kind of) invites Egyptians to a specially made website that gives them the option to create a greeting card to, like the names suggest, show their loved ones that they care. Here’s how it works:

1) Choose a background – you know, like, something that best conveys your love for the recipient.
2) Choose one of several Frico-made sandwiches (more on that later).
3) Write a personal message for the card. Write something cute and don’t just copy something from the internet.
4) Share the card on Facebook.

Simple, right? Now, here’s where things get really interesting. Once you’ve posted the card on Facebook, you will be given the option to fill out a form and enter a draw, of sorts. If you are one of 100 lucky daily winners, the sandwich you chose in step two of the card-making process is sent directly to the recipient of the card, be they at work, home, school or anywhere else.



It’s a campaign that has come out of left-field, but one that has caught the imagination of cheese-appreciators across the country – of which there are plenty of at Cairo 360. So, forget flowers, forget chocolates and all that other soppy clichéd stuff. Cheese is where the heart is.

For more information on, check out the Frico Egypt Facebook page and Instagram account.