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Fun Away From the Sun This Ramadan at Ski Egypt

Majid Al Futtaim Mall of Egypt Ramadan Ski Egypt
Fun Away From the Sun This Ramadan at Ski Egypt
written by
Mariam Nowar

Ramadan is a month to celebrate unity, and while the yearly routine takes place, Ski Egypt’s snowy premises (7,000 tons of snow, to be specific) offer something new that still honours the high values of the holy month by bringing family and friends closer than ever. Give your home’s air conditioner a break and have a snowball brawl with your best friends!

Located inside Mall of Egypt, Ski Egypt is famous for being Africa’s first indoor icy park that houses all kinds of fun away from the sun like Skiing Slopes, Bumpy Ride, Polar Express Train, Zorb Ball, and more exciting activities for all ages. We have not even mentioned the penguins yet!

Those cute little birds in tuxedos reside in Ski Egypt and they have a leader named Sultan, who’s quite the celebrity! Check out his Instagram for full proof of his fabulousness. The show that the penguin raft puts on is a must-watch, and also, did you know that penguins, like humans, also propose marriage? Sultan and his wife Nelly prove that love is a language spoken by all living beings.

Ski Egypt is upping the game even further with the introduction of its new Ice Volleyball. An exciting game between teams of four or eight sounds like a great way to spend those last few hours before heading out for Iftar at Mall of Egypt’s colourful variety of dining options.

You can head back to Ski Egypt the next day to keep exploring everything that the snowy getaway has in store, and once you step inside, it always feels like you’ve travelled to the North Pole in mere seconds!

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