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Fun Times Made Memorable with London Photobooth

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Fun Times Made Memorable with London Photobooth
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Cairo 360

Remember those days when we gathered together, stood still, freezing a smile to get a picture at whatever event we went to? If you are as old as we are, you will probably have noticed that process of documenting the fun times at a party back then was somewhat plastic and forced. And, there was always that one poor bugger taking pictures who had almost no evidence of them actually being at the party.

Today we have selfies, which, of course, make sure everyone’s in the picture. But there goes the lighting, the uncomfortable pose which was never made better by the selfie stick, and the endless possibilities of losing the image in the digital maze.

We’re thinking about all of this because on the 18th of March, Cairo 360 is celebrating its 10th anniversary, which is set to take place at Cairo Jazz Club, and, as Aerosmith put it, we don’t want to miss a thing. Who’s going to help us out? None other than London Photobooth.

If that name doesn’t ring a bell, London Photobooth is who you turn to to make the memory of your events both tangible and fun. No matter what nature of event, you’ll find something among their long list of services; from adding a custom template to each picture, providing a digital copy of all the images, as well as the option to host the images online for guests to share, like, save, and print – even when the event is over. London Photobooth also provides endless quality props that suit all party themes, which means double the fun for everyone.

You see, London Photobooth has saved you the hassle; all you need to do is be present, have fun, and strike a pose. Excuse us now, for we’re going to shuffle through our wardrobe to find the right dress to wear.

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