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Furnish Your Dream Space at La Casa’s 39th Furniture Exhibition

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Furnish Your Dream Space at La Casa’s 39th Furniture Exhibition
written by
Arwa Hezzah

Have you ever thought about how much of a hassle it tends to be to find the best furniture for your home? Whether you’re furnishing a new home or picking out new pieces to revamp your current living space, choosing the right furniture at affordable prices is never as easy as it seems.

Well, what if you could find all your furniture needs in all their varieties under one roof? This is exactly what the La Casa exhibition has in store. One of Egypt’s biggest furniture exhibitions, La Casa, is coming back for its 39th exhibition on the 27th of May. The mega furniture exhibition has been in operation since 1991, bringing together Egypt’s leading furniture brands under one roof and making it a place where you can find great pieces to furnish your homes easily and efficiently.

La Casa aims to make the journey of moving into a new home a happy memory rather than a hectic ordeal. For that reason, it provides a place where you can find furniture of every description right at the tip of your fingers. With La Casa, there will be no need to drive from one furniture store to another, struggling to find fitting pieces for your space. You’ll have all you need in one place.

During the early 90s, the conference took place at Semiramis Hotel, but as the industry grew, La Casa moved into the larger and more convenient International Conference Center, allowing exhibitors to reach their full potential in the market. This year, the exhibition will take place at an even larger location, Egypt International Exhibition Center in the 5th Settlement, giving La Casa the chance to become an independent and soon-to-be grossly successful furniture expo.

At La Casa, you can find the perfect pieces of furniture for you and your future homes, offices, and even summer houses. The exhibition features multiple furniture brands with various styles available, from modern to vintage to classical pieces. Moreover, the variety of furniture brands means you can find all your furniture needs under one roof, from outdoor furniture to kitchenware and home accessories, even fabrics and textiles for high-quality pieces.

Not only does La Casa offer convenience and variety, but it also has the best prices. Sponsored by Richie, and Hub Furniture, the exhibition provides massive discounts to its customers, allowing up to 50% off many items. Additionally, with La Casa’s financial partners, you get the chance to pay in instalments according to your needs. With the Premium Card, you can make up to 10-month instalments without interest, while with the 2030 Card, you can create instalment plans that last up to 30 months.

La Casa exhibition is set to take place from the 27th of May, 2021 ‘til the 30th of May, 2021. You can purchase your ticket and get a catalogue here (and get a 20% discount on entrance fees) for the chance to find the best, high-quality furniture under one roof and start furnishing your dream space!