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G Cribs Took Us to Red Sea Heaven and Back

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G Cribs Took Us to Red Sea Heaven and Back
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The Red Sea has always been a beautiful destination. But there’s always something special about a certain location there that holds much more status than other hot spots, and that place is El Gouna.

Inertia has extensive experience in real estate projects. Since their inception in 2007, they have worked on multiple projects by the Mediterranean Sea and Red Sea alike. They’ve completed projects like Jefaira, Joulz, Brix, Veranda, and are now launching the second phase of their latest project, located in the heart of the Red Sea at El Gouna, G-Cribs.

The Location

G-Cribs is situated within the Mansions in El Gouna, the most luxurious location in the whole of the Red Sea. The modern, hip compound is a youthful and lively place where you can relax and enjoy life as you dream it. G-Cribs is only three minutes away from the Marina areas, and five minutes away from Downtown. You get to enjoy a premium location within a midpoint between all of El Gouna’s hotspots.

The Units

G-Cribs Phase I has already been delivered, but the 99-unit project was only the start. G-Cribs Phase II is planned for delivery in 2019, and is comprised of a whopping 225 units, so there’s much more to go around. There are various types of units to accommodate your needs. Sizes start from single studios of 40 sqm, to three bedroom apartments up to 128 sqm. You can also choose a one bedroom apartment of 60 sqm, or a two bedroom apartment with different interior designs, ranging between 100 sqm, and 107 sqm, on either the ground or first floor.

The Architecture

But that’s not it, the beauty of G-Cribs lies in the details. Starting with the architecture, the units are designed to offer privacy and excellent views, all in a modern style. The interior design allows for maximum usage of space, while ensuring a wide and open flow that gets a lot of air and sun through strategically placed windows and balconies/terraces.

The Services & Amenities

G-Cribs Phase II units are finished with state-of-the-art air conditioners and upscale kitchen cabinets. They’ve taken everything into account by adding elevators for ultimate convenience for first floor or penthouse level owners, as well as garbage chutes for maximum pampering. Not to mention generators to make sure all public services remain running in case of emergencies. Security is also a top priority for G-Cribs, which is why you will always find trained security staff when you need them.  

The Landscape

To add more to the architecture, G-Cribs have focused on customer satisfaction more than filling up with the maximum number of units. Unlike other projects where developers cram units into every corner for maximum profit, Inertia have designed G-Cribs to have only 22% of built up areas, with 78% of the compound being dedicated to landscape. This will give you, as a resident, peace of mind and relaxation by viewing greenery, beautiful palm trees, and eight heated swimming pools, all clearly visible from inside your unit. The design paid great attention towards situating landscape and residential areas in harmony for best views from all angles.

The Entertainment

If you want to sit back and relax without leaving your beloved G-Cribs development, you can enjoy sunshine all year round at the Club House. For your culinary delights you can hit the restaurant and enjoy other food and beverage services, or you can chill out at the recreational lounge or pool deck. You can even get a bit of exercise at the workout area.

But you can’t be in El Gouna without going out to the Marina or Downtown areas. So, in that light, G-Cribs offers a special gift for its home owners, by presenting an access card with every unit. You get access to services such as nurseries and childcare, as well as schools and the community library, and, of course, European-standard medical care. You’ll also gain access to all El Gouna beaches and islands, including the 18-hole Championship golf course, kite surfing centres, and hot spots for diving. Not to mention, world-class spas and the private airport. The Card makes you a king in El Gouna, and even gets you full access to indulge in over 60 restaurants, and over 20 bars and evening hotspots.

G-Cribs is the perfect location for El Gouna lovers, whether you’re looking for a retreat unit, or relocating to the beautiful Red Sea city. G-Cribs has you covered with the services, amenities, and entertainment, to make your life a dream in El Gouna.