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Games of Change: Orange Egypt Wins the CSR Race With Its Latest Initiatives

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Games of Change: Orange Egypt Wins the CSR Race With Its Latest Initiatives
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Cairo 360

The importance and necessity of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) has increased over the past few years, both globally and locally. In light of this, all large multinational and international companies are now expected to give back to communities. As part of its major role in the cycle of positive change the telecommunications master, Orange Egypt, has decided to seize the opportunity of the 2019 AFCON, being held in Egypt, and raise awareness on the importance of reducing the use of plastics, through an initiative that is innovatively titled “Games of Change”.

The initiative looks to encourage all match attendees at Cairo Stadium to collect their plastic waste for recycling purposes. All the recycled products will then be used to establish a football pitch, which will be donated to the “Leprosy Colony” at Abu Zaabal in Qaliubiya. Orange Egypt has designated specific spots inside of the stadium with signs reading “Throw- Write – Receive”. These spots should be used by match attendees to dispose of empty plastic bottles. It is, therefore, safe to say that the initiative not only helps eliminate plastic waste, it also provides much needed infrastructural elements for a community in need (The Leprosy Colony).

In addition to all this, Orange Egypt actually decided to implement this positive initiative within their company; Orange Egypt has allocated some places in its premises towards building awareness about recycling, and towards providing 101 information on how to better protect the environment. Given all this, Orange Egypt has successfully managed to encourage its employees to actively participate in this initiative.

Orange Egypt’s initiative has been positively praised by Egypt’s social media users and, if you ask us, such an initiative is worth much more than praise; indeed, this initiative should push as all toward recycling, and thinking about the future of our country, and our planet.