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Google Is on the Look-Out for New Hires for Its Office in Cairo!

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Google Is on the Look-Out for New Hires for Its Office in Cairo!
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Cairo 360

For some time now, Egypt has been leading the region’s economic rebound, with particular attention being paid to nurturing the strong growth potential of small businesses. Indeed, currently, Egypt is considered a leader in the startup business scene within the MENA region. On a slightly different, yet equally important, note Egypt has begun to regain its economic stature, with large multinational and international companies looking to invest in the country that we proudly call home.

In that spirit, we came across a piece of great news; one that we consider to be a significant step towards a very bright future for both our beloved country, and the MENA region as a whole. It has been announced on behalf of the Ministry of Investment and International Cooperation that Her Excellency, Dr Sahar Nasr, has discussed with Lino Cattaruzzi – the Managing Director for Google Middle East and North Africa – future planned investments of the company in North Africa, with a primary focus on Egypt. As such, Google is at present planning to start recruiting a full-time team to support operations for their Cairo office. The recruitment plans entail employing a new country manager, in addition to employing staff working in Egypt as soon as possible.

We are incredibly pleased that this agreement has been reached, and we look forward to successful working relationships with other mega-corporations and multinationals in the future.