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Green Economy Forum Sets Sights on Egypt’s Sustainability Goals

Egypt's Sustainability Goals Going Green Green Economy Forum Sustainable Development
Green Economy Forum Sets Sights on Egypt’s Sustainability Goals
written by
Arwa Hezzah

As part of Egypt’s plan to reach sustainable development and implement its 2030 Strategy, the country is launching Egypt’s Green Economy Forum. According to a statement made by the Egyptian Prime Minister, the forum is set to take place on June 14, 2021. Over the years, the event has featured over 1,500 civil society organisations, over 10,000 experts in the field, and more than 2, 500 companies.

The forum, which has taken place several times since 2015, plans to maintain environmental sustainability by ensuring that at least 30% of investment projects in various fields, including agriculture, transport, electricity, and renewable energy, adhere to environmental sustainability standards. This is all done in an attempt to counter future risks and challenges that the country could face due to climate change, food insecurity, water scarcity, and public health issues. It also aims to ensure technological availability and preserve biological diversity.

Through the cooperation of leading experts and researchers, the forum will include discussions about effective collaboration that could aid in transitioning to a green economy, particularly with the current changes occurring within Egypt and across the world. Discussions are set to revolve around different methods for accelerating the transition towards a green economy and pushing towards potential opportunities for achieving green development through forging connections between those interested in the subject.

The forum will also feature talks regarding future economies as well as threats that will present themselves over the years. Moreover, there will be discussions regarding green supply chains, impact investment, and green construction.

Speakers at the forum will include CIB Chief Sustainability Officer Dalia Abdel Kader, CDC Group’s Egypt Coverage Director Sherine Shohdy, and Mayada Magdy, chief programme officer of Japan International Cooperation Agency in Egypt. There are also a number of chances to invest in the forum and gain publicity through its various platforms.

The government is currently urging citizens, businesses, and organisations to join the forum in order to learn about the drivers of a green economy, learn about growth opportunities through sustainable development, get educated about investment tools, attract funding to support sustainability projects, and learn about future economies under sustainable development.

So far, the Green Economy Forum has been the most influential platform for sustainable development and green growth, allowing concerned parties to form connections through bringing together experts, companies, institutions, and government agencies, alongside donors and financiers. The forum will surely be a big step for Egypt to accomplish its sustainability goals for 2030.

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