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Greenish to Launch Its ‘Aware Streets Project’ in Maadi

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Greenish to Launch Its ‘Aware Streets Project’ in Maadi
written by
Sherif Khairy

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One of Cairo’s biggest problems is the huge amounts of waste produced every day from households and companies alike. However, we’re glad to see a number of initiatives seeing this as an opportunity for both recycling and upcycling.

Last month, we told you guys all about Greenish, the Egyptian initiative founded by Shady Abdallah and the late Medah Benzoher. They aim to give companies the resources, tools, and strategies required to help them integrate the concept of upcycling into their facilities. Greenish aims to elevate this further by launching an online platform to sell these upcycled products.

This Friday, on Maadi’s Street 9, Greenish are launching the Aware Streets Project. The event aims to spread awareness of the importance of upcycling and giving back to the environment. With the motto of “Together we can change the world!”, Greenish plans to create more monthly events, targeting different areas around Cairo.

So what’s the event all about? It will start on Friday the 19th of October at 1 pm, and the group will go and talk to shop and restaurant owners in the area about the dangers of plastic waste to the environment. After setting the scene, they’ll start proposing solutions to help them reduce its use. Spreading awareness will extend to pedestrians too, teaching them more about how plastic negatively affects our planet, and how to reduce plastic usage as much as possible.

What are you waiting for? Learn more about the event and sign up here.