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Halloween in Cairo: Everything You Need to Know

Halloween in Cairo: Everything You Need to Know
    written by
    Cairo 360

    To be fair,
    Halloween isn’t as big a deal in Egypt as it is in the USA; celebrating
    Halloween in Cairo is mostly limited to the expat communities and their
    friends. Nonetheless, to many Egyptians, Halloween is yet another excuse to
    dress up in funky costumes and hit the many parties happening around the city. Have no clue
    what to do? Cairo 360 is here to help!

    Where to

    Halloween festivities are happening this Thursday and Friday in Cairo, with many private and
    creatively-named parties ranging from Sakkara to Maadi to Kitkat and Garden
    City rooftops. We’ve heard about circus themes, heated swimming pools, Nile
    cruise boats and trick-or-treating for adults. However, if you haven’t got an
    invitation to these parties, we recommend the following:

    Swiss Club in Kitkat will hold its very own Halloween Party this
    Thursday at 10PM for a very reasonable 50LE ticket per person. The dress code
    is funny fancy dress, which we can only assume is Victorian dress, French
    aristocrats, the Pink Panther and flapper girls! Given its track record for
    easygoing parties with an eclectic mix of expat and local patrons, the Swiss
    Club is bound to be a fun spot.

    On Friday, a
    Halloween Craft Day will be held at the Cairo Art Village
    from 2PM to 6PM,
    where children and adults can enjoy face-painting, witch hats, pumpkin paperwork
    and horror faces with wire. Located in Fustat, Old Cairo near the Hanging
    Church, the Cairo Art Village promises an alternative and fun way to spend your
    sunny Cairo afternoon with your family. For
    more information, call 0124595425.

    What Costumes?

    Costume shops
    in Cairo are sporadic and well-hidden, a closely kept secret among die-hard
    costumers. However, we’ve managed to find a few in the Mohandiseen/Dokki area:

    Party Shop: Located on Mosadaq Street next to
    Toptoys, this shop has costumes for adults and kids alike for a reasonable
    price range of 150LE to 250LE. Men’s costumes include pirates and Lousi XIV,
    while women’s costumes include flapper girls, French maids and, again, pirates. Hats
    and cool Venetian masks are also available if you’re looking for a more stylish

    Display: Located on Syria Street across from Metro
    Market, this shop will probably knock your politically correct socks off with
    its selection of women’s costumes. While much of the flimsy clothing caters
    predominantly to male fantasies, there are a few good-quality costumes of nurses,
    Greek goddess and Pharaonic princess. Prices range from 300LE to 1000LE for
    a very elaborate Cleopatra costume with a headdress. Funky men’s boxers and
    flavoured underwear are also available. Halloween accessories such as vampire
    teeth will be in stock soon.

    Saxone: To many in the know, Saxone is the undisputed king of
    questionable clothing. It’s the type of shop that you go to for a hilarious bachelorette
    party. With many clothing items border-lining on adult film gear, others are
    also fun- it’s important that you enter this shop with a sense of humour and
    the knowledge that your friends will make fun of you for years afterwards.
    Aside from a selection of glittery, flashy and poorly made PVC dresses, we
    spotted a maid’s outfit, as well as ones for a nurse, a secretary and a female
    Santa Clause. Prices are very moderate and range from 65LE to around 100LE.

    Boustige: With a branch in Garden City next to
    the Semiramis Intercontinental and on El Batal Ahmed Street in Mohandiseen,
    Boustige has served the Cairo community for years in funky wigs and real hair
    extensions. Take your time in the shop and try on as many wigs as your heart
    desires; the shop’s attendants are very friendly and accommodating. Sadly, you
    can’t rent the wigs and their prices are rather steep for a one-off occasion:
    wigs start at around 500LE all the way up to 5000LE for long, real hair wigs.

    While most
    gift and toy shops around Cairo have some form of Halloween accessories on
    sale, you can always trust Jumbo. Now completely decked out in scary
    Halloween decorations, the shop doesn’t have the most imaginative products, but
    it is a reliable source for vampire teeth (5LE), fake moustaches, beards, scary
    masks, scull axes, bats and a giant toy gorilla. The shop also sells children’s costumes and custom-made adult costumes
    for up to 300LE, depending on the costume.

    Or Just Do
    It Yourself!

    If you have
    the time and creative energy, head to Wekalet
    El Balah market
    , where you can pick up any kind of fabric that you like
    as well as very cheap jeans, jackets and other clothing if you head further
    inside. Next, go to El
    in Mohandiseen or in Darb El Barabra market and pick up sequins,
    feather boas and a glue gun that will help you stick your outfit together. Or
    you could browse the Downtown streets of Sherif and Kasr El Nil for the many
    clothes shops that have some outrageously dated attire without a hint of irony.
    Still lost for inspiration? Check out these
    interesting costume ideas
    as well as the 100 most popular costume
    of the season.

    Halloween, Cairo!