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HapList: Plan Your Fairy Tale Wedding

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HapList: Plan Your Fairy Tale Wedding
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Wedding season is upon us, Cairenes; indeed, it’s that time of the year when your Instagram stories get bombarded with footage of people getting engaged or hitched. That being said, whether you are a guest or a bride or groom, wedding prep can be a hectic hassle. It’s more than just picking out a suitable wedding gown, or figuring out the venue.

Yes, we admit it, weddings can be an extremely stressful ordeal; it is a mysterious, complicated process where a tiny mistake can cause tons of repercussions and set off a chain of unexpected issues. This is especially true in Egypt. Here, weddings are not just about tying the knot and celebrating love. Also, they are more than humongous; from guest lists containing cousins of cousins to venues that can end up costing your entire year’s salaries, and hiring wedding planners to ensure your wedding is unique.

So, if you’re planning on getting hitched soon, surely you need some help — this where ‘HapList’ comes in. A group of software engineers from Arens Software Engineering have developed an easy and free-of-charge application, designed to help all brides and grooms who are going through the process of planning their wedding. The app provides you with services that enable you to save time and effort, in addition to booking various venues from spacious villas and open-air venues to luxurious hotels across the country.

Unfortunately, the application’s developers have announced that HapList is only available for Android at the moment, but they’re planning on a broader expansion to include iOS soon.

You can find the information about the application and updates they post on their Facebook page here. You can also call for further inquiries on 01060467406, or 01114981619.

Enter a world of happiness and shared future with your partner, without any concerns or worries.