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Happy Second Anniversary! Six Reasons The Nile Ritz-Carlton Has Become One of the City’s Top Hotels

Happy Second Anniversary! Six Reasons The Nile Ritz-Carlton Has Become One of the City’s Top Hotels
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Cairo 360

Has it been two years already? It seems like only yesterday that Cairo was whipped up into a storm of excitement as we welcomed The Nile-Ritz Carlton to Downtown Cairo’s already rich skyline.

Sitting pretty overlooking the Nile, the five-star hotel has become a hotpot of dining, entertainment, hospitality and luxury, but there have been some key achievements that have cemented it as one of the best hotels in the city…

Bespoke Weddings and Key Conferences

In two short years, The Nile Ritz-Carlton has become one of the most popular venues for weddings, for the sheer amount of options and personalisation that they offer to brides and grooms to-be. If there was ever something to point to as testament to the hotel’s sheer luxury, it’s with weddings, with some of the best services available. This also extends to conferences, with the hotel offering equally impressive services and facilities.

The Location of Choice for Celebrities & Royals

Though The Nile Ritz-Carlton is still just two years old, the hotel has a legacy that goes back to the late 50s, when it was a prime location for the world’s elite. Over the years, the likes of Elizabeth Taylor, Frank Sinatra and several royals, have enjoyed Egypt through the viewfinder of The Ritz Carlton and that reputation has come to influence and shape The Nile Ritz-Carlton’s approach to its top-notch hospitality and world-class service – something that you can experience in every corner of the hotel.

Italy’s Finest Cuisine

Ah, and then we get to the food. The Nile Ritz-Carlton’s restaurants and bars have won plenty of fans, but none have quite impressed as Vivo. Fusing high-end gastronomic technique, with creative application and local produce, Vivo has emerged as one of the most popular restaurants of its kind in Cairo. One of the most recent new features of the restaurant has been a one-hour express business lunch – which means no more lukewarm coffee and breadsticks during your meeting, but some mighty fine authentic Italian bites.

The Caterer of Choice

We touched on the catering offered with The Nile Ritz-Carlton’s wedding packages and Vivo’s stunning Italian cuisine; but to put both into perspective, when Pope Francis visited Egypt earlier this year, guess who was personally chosen by the Vatican Embassy to prepare a special lunch for the historic visit? It was Vivo’s Chef De Cuisine, Carmine Diluggo. That kind of speaks for itself.

Nox, the Goddess of the Nile


Filling a high-end nightlife-shaped hole in Downtown Cairo, Nox is another of the hotel’s breakout hits, thanks to a perfect cosmo-combo of good food, good music and even better drinks. Sophisticated on the outside, with just enough nightlife naughtiness in the middle, Nox has become as versatile as it is sophisticated, hosting all manner of nightlife event – oh and there’s that stunning view all over Cairo.

Ancient Wellness

If there’s one thing to truly measure The Nile Ritz-Carlton and its uniqueness, look no further than the hotel’s spectacular spa, which channels the remedies and technique of our Ancient Egyptian forefathers, as well as being influenced by a stunning Pharaonic aesthetic – there’s even flickering candles designed into the shape of the Great Pyramids, which sooth the eye as burners filled with fol oil while you sip on some relaxing jasmine tea. Sounds delightful, doesn’t it – and that’s before you even get into one of the rooms and received one of the many treatments!

For more information about The Nile Ritz-Carlton, visit the hotel’s website and Facebook page, or call 0 2-2577-8899.