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Head to These Parks & Gardens If You Are Staying in Cairo This Eid

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Head to These Parks & Gardens If You Are Staying in Cairo This Eid
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We recently told you all about the ways in which you can escape the city this Eid by helping out those of you looking to plan a mini getaway. Now, it’s time to help those who are planning on staying in the capital during the Eid al-Adha break. As usual, Cairo is brimming with places to go and things to do. Today, however, we have decided to round up a list of open air venues that you can visit during the break. 

1. Giza Zoo 

Located in Mourad Street, in close proximity to Giza Square, the Giza Zoo is 80 acres in size and is home to many species of animals. The zoo also houses green areas, and loads of play areas for children. 

2. Al-Azhar Park 

This park lies in El Darasa, is about 71 acres in size, and boasts several beautiful water fountains and a number of elegantly designed marble pillars. All this and more makes this park ideal for a fun family picnic. 

3. Fish Garden 

Located in Zamalek, the Fish Garden is known for housing over 30 species of the Nile River’s fish species. This garden is 9.5 acres in size, and is quite the treat for adults and kids alike. 

4. Japanese Gardens

This garden can be found in Helwan and will take you on a brief adventure to Japan. You can take a lot of great photos there, alongside several relics of Japanese culture and history. This is definitely a unique experience. 

5. International Garden 

In the heart of Nasr City, lies a vast and spacious garden – 55 acres to be specific- dedicated to exposing its visitors to the cultures of different countries and peoples. Indeed, it is divided into several wings, with each wing being home to a different country. 

6. Fostat Park 

Located in Ein as Seirah, in the heart of Old Cairo, just the trip to and from this park is a true blast from the past. As for the park itself, well, it is home to a vast array of diverse plant and flower species. 

7. Orman Park 

Lying in close proximity to Cairo University, the park offers a true break from the hustle and bustle of the area that surrounds it. This is because the park acts like a museum, if you will, to over 20,000 species of plants and flowers, as well as a special section specifically dedicated to certain species of palm trees.