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Here Is How You Can Make Your Ramadan Gatherings a Whole Lot Easier

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Here Is How You Can Make Your Ramadan Gatherings a Whole Lot Easier
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    Ramadan gatherings are fun, and what better way is there to embody the Ramadan spirit than by having Iftar or Sohour with family and friends, sitting together, and sharing a meal? And while it can be very difficult, you may still want to prepare the meal yourself, without the aid of any catering service. So if that’s the case with you, read on for our comprehensive guide on easily preparing your Ramadan gathering.

    First of all, it’s better to be prepared ahead of time, you can start by inviting your friends a week before the intended day. Afterwards, you begin buying the groceries, and divide the cooking among a couple of days so that you don’t stress yourself out. So what do you do with cooked meals? Pop them in the freezer, they may not be exactly as fresh as you want, but that will save you a ton of work and time. Oh, and don’t forget to order some juices and drinks for your guests.

    If you’re looking to add a bit more, you can marinate the chicken a day before and set it in the refrigerator, and the next day you could just place it in the oven. The same goes for the sambousek that could stay in your freezer till you fry it on the awaited day. So pick the meals you want, and plan them the same way, but our advice is to go basic, you don’t want to cook something you’re not comfortable with and put a lot of pressure on yourself. But, if you’re really adventurous, put up a traditional meal, and add a unique dish or two.

    The second part of the gathering is the venue, i.e. your house, so you can start by listing the areas you want to tidy up, or the decorations you wish to add. If you’re a real stickler for preparation, you can even plan out your outfit and that of your kids, if you have any.

    As for the aftermath of it all, the cleaning up, we recommend you use as few plates as possible, some good-looking disposable plates may come in handy if you’re really comfortable with your guests.

    We hope this advice helps you on your next Ramadan gathering. Remember, don’t pressure yourself, and don’t get too stressed out about it. At the end, we’re just having fun with friends and family. Happy eating Cairenes.

    P.S. If you are unsure what to do with leftovers you can contact the Egyptian Food Bank. They will pick up the food, wrap it up, and give it to those in need.