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Here’s Some Information and Tips on How to Avoid Being Scammed

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Here’s Some Information and Tips on How to Avoid Being Scammed
written by
Haajar Abu Ismail
Via Investopedia

While Egypt is a great place, like everywhere else, it’s not always a safe one. For any unsuspecting or cautious people out there, here are a few things to watch out for to stay ahead of the scammers.

Scam Calls and Texts:


The Emergency Call

This one is a popular tactic for scammers worldwide, often targeting the elderly. Scammers will inform them of an emergency situation with the police that requires immediate payment to get out of. Don’t let someone terrorise you into coughing up your money. They will often be vague and have no personal details, so stay firm!

The Hiring Text

This one is well known if you’re ever on the internet. Do you know those ads for incredibly easy or too-good-to-be-true job opportunities with totally unrealistic pay? Don’t fall for it; they want your money or your information. A popular one going around recently is the Amazon hiring scam you get through texts, so watch out for it!

Bank Info Requests

Ever had a text or call from your bank asking to verify some information? The answer is no because it probably wasn’t the bank. Anyone who wants your financial details, especially the details in full, is certainly not a representative of a financial institution, so don’t be fooled into giving them away!


Keep in Mind Where You Take Out Money

Via Euronet

Everyone’s worst fear of the ATM eating their card can happen. If the ATM looks sketchy or is in a suspicious place, keep your card to yourself because you may not get it back. Another way is not to use an unknown bank’s ATM and stick to the one you’re familiar with.

Don’t Open Unknown Links

Ever received any strange links from friends or even people you rarely communicate with on social media? If it’s unaccompanied by anything else or seems off, their accounts have likely been hacked. Avoid the links to prevent a virus!