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Here’s What the Doctor Says to Protect Yourself from Coronavirus if You Use the Underground

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Here’s What the Doctor Says to Protect Yourself from Coronavirus if You Use the Underground
written by
Mariam Nowar

The metro is one of the most popular methods of public transportation in Cairo. Statistics show that over 4 million commuters use it daily. In the light of the Corona outbreak, we spoke to Sheikh Zayed Hospital Specialist, Dr Ahmed Abdel Halim, to get some medical advice to keep us safe on the metro.

First of all, Dr Abdel Halim points to the fact that people should try to avoid using the metro altogether, and use lesser crowded transportation such as taxi cabs. If you have to use the metro, try to take the least full carriages, even if you have to wait. The waiting time between one train and the next is about four minutes.

Secondly, when you’re on the metro, try not to touch anyone or anything, including the door and handles, and even windows. If, God forbid, you do touch anything, make sure to keep your hands away from your face and sterilise them with solutions that include 70% alcohol, or wash your hands with soap and hot water for the recommended 20 seconds.

Thirdly, avoid coughing in anybody’s face even if you think you have not contracted the disease (come on, this should be normal). It is recommend that you cough or sneeze into the crook of your arm instead. Dr Abdel Halim confirms that the N95 face mask can protect against the corona infection, but you must know how to use it correctly.

Lastly, if you notice any person that has symptoms of the flu, avoid getting close to them and keep a safe distance of two metres away. If you have any symptoms yourself, you should not leave your house for 14 days, in order to prevent infecting anyone else.