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How to Buy Sheep for Eid El Adha: The Cairo 360 Guide

How to Buy Sheep for Eid El Adha: The Cairo 360 Guide
written by
Angie El Batrawy

With the El Adha feast upon us this
weekend, it’s highly likely that the streets will be crowded on the day before the feast with last-minute shoppers eager to buy new clothes for the Eid
but also to buy sheep for the sacrifice. Many of us don’t have adequate
experience in buying sheep, and have always relied on our fathers or uncles to
take care of matters. Others may not
necessarily want to partake in the sacrificing of the sheep and are looking for
alternative ways to distribute the zakaa of the feast. Don’t worry; Cairo 360
has you covered.

First off, if you’re planning on buying a
sheep, the number one rule is avoid random sheep sellers on the street; always buy from
someone you know or head to the closest sheep market in your neighbourhood.
Rule number two, press on the side of the sheep’s belly to check if the seller
has given it a lot of water so as to increase its weight. Also
check the sheep’s mouth and nose to make
sure that it’s breathing smoothly. Last of all, feel the spine; if you feel
muscles then this is a well-fed sheep. If you feel bones, then it’s

If you’d rather avoid buying a sheep to be
sacrificed, there are now many alternatives. Many Egyptian banks offer you the
option of paying any amount of cash to an organisation that would distribute
the meat to underprivileged Egyptians. This transaction has been approved by
the Dar El Iftaa and is an easier option available at most ATMs.

Here are a few organisations that you can
donate to for the Eid:

Dar El Orman: this organisation aims to
distribute the meat of more than 25,000 sheep to two million underprivileged
Egyptians living in slums and different governates. The organisation is
collaborating with more than 7500 local organisations in sixteen various
governates. A local sheep will set you back 1390LE, while an imported sheep
will cost 990LE. If you call 19455, a rep will pick up the cash in person and
will hand you a receipt. For more information, visit their website here.

Egypt Food Bank: with six years’ experience
in distributing Eid El Adha meats, this program is very dependable. Local sheep
will cost you 1100LE and imported sheep will set you back 700LE, which you can
pay via the program’s bank account in all branches of Misr Banque,
United Bank and BNP Paribas.
Their deadline for payment is November 5th.Call the bank on 16060 for more information, or you can visit their website here.

Resala: With Resala you can pay 700LE for the sacrifice and distribution of the meat of a Brazilian sheep. You can pay at any of Resala’s branches or a rep can pick up
the cash from you wherever you want. Call 19450 for more information.

Doctors’ Syndicate: the syndicate has a
more ambitious program this Eid, where the meat will be distributed not only to
the underprivileged in Egypt; but to those in Somalia, Pakistan and Palestine
among other countries. You can pay 400LE
for a whole sheep’s meat to be distributed in Somalia, while it costs 500LE in
other African countries. For all other countries, you can share a sheep with
seven other people at 1950LE for Palestine and 1750LE for inside Egypt. Sharing in the distribution of sheep’s meat to Pakistan will set
you back 500LE. Payment has to be made at the syndicate’s headquarters on 42,
Kasr El Eini Street, Garden City, or the Arab Doctors Union, between 8AM to

Misr El Mahrousa Organisation: the
organisation offers to sacrifice and distribute a whole sheep’s meat for 600LE. Payment can be made at any of the organisation’s
fifteen branches inside of Cairo. You can contact them or visit their main
between 8:30AM and 3PM.

Have a Happy Feast!