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Huawei’s Big Trio: Three Remarkable People, Three Remarkable Features of the Nova Plus

Huawei’s Big Trio: Three Remarkable People, Three Remarkable Features of the Nova Plus

2016 was a big year for telecommunications giant, Huawei. Now with a huge presence in the country and the region, the latest in a string of cutting-edge smartphones comes in the form of the Nova Plus.

In celebration of the launch, Huawei Egypt challenged all to demonstrate their most impressive skills on Instagram, with several entrants winning the Nova Plus. The competition built on a unique campaign that demonstrated the power and speed of the device. Smartphones these days have all manner of innovative features, but there are three particular things that are key: the camera, the battery and the processor – three elements that Nova Plus excels at.

To demonstrate the power and capacity of these three things, Huawei has recruited three remarkable characters that typify what these elements of the Nova Plus bring to the table.

Nofal – The Camera

Nofal is, by all intents and purposes, an artist – a talented one at that. But on his path, he took a different route to become one of the most acclaimed graffiti artists in Egypt. Using the iconography of his home country as inspiration in much of his work – be it the Pharaohs or even Boogie we Tamtam, it’s the colours he uses that really make his work pop. So what better person to represent the Nova Plus’s 16MP camera, which he himself has used to capture his work at its crispest, most detailed and colourful?

Yorok – The Battery

Phone battery – the perennial problem we all face with our phones. The Nova Plus’s battery, however, is represented by increasingly popular football freestyle king, Yorok. Why, you ask? Because while Yorok’s mesmerising skills are sweet on the eye, what most don’t realise is that it takes an incredible amount of stamina and endurance – two often ignored qualities that the Nova Plus battery has in spades.

Ally – The Processor

Ally Salem is one special lady. Not only is she a raging guitar machine, but she’s also a self-confessed ‘car maniac’. Having discovered a love for motorsports at the age of 17, Ally has gone on to win several races and awards and, in 2014, joined the Oilibya Racing Team where she’s found more success. It’s Ally’s engine, so to speak, that makes her the perfect representative for the Nova Plus’s Snapdragon 625 processor – she never stops moving, she never stops pushing, she never stops achieving.

For more information, check out Huawei Egypt on Facebook.

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