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Ice, Ice Bottle: Coca-Cola is Doing ‘Sahel Season’ in Style

Ice, Ice Bottle: Coca-Cola is Doing ‘Sahel Season’ in Style
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Cairo 360

We’re slap bang in the middle of what has come to be affectionately known as Sahel Season; a time when Cairenes hightail it to the North Coast at every opportunity possible to get a much needed dose of sun, sea and sand – and, this year, Coke.

Yes, expect to see Coca-Cola across the most popular beaches along the North Coast this month, folks, as holidaymakers get treated to something pretty cool – and by cool, we mean so cool that its ice cold.

We speak, of course, of the infamous Coca-Cola Ice bottles – completely made of ice. Take a moment to comprehend that. The unique bottle will be hitting the likes of Marassi, Hacienda and Hacienda Bay, providing a novel way of keeping cool in the sun.

Shaped exactly like the classic Coke bottles, this unique feature will be available for purchase on weekends and already has beach-goers clamouring…

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