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Iftar Guide: 5 Chefs to Follow for Your Iftar Culinary Adventures

Cooking food Iftar Ramadan
Iftar Guide: 5 Chefs to Follow for Your Iftar Culinary Adventures
written by
Malak Gharib
Image via Instagram

Introducing a delightful ensemble of culinary experts, each chef aiming to elevate your Iftar gatherings with a blend of modern kitchen twists and cherished traditional ‘ozoomat. Whether you’re craving innovative flavours or yearning for the comforting familiarity of old favourites, these five chefs on Instagram are your guide to the kitchen, ready to walk you through delectable culinary adventures:


Mai Maher

Mai Maher is your culinary guru for those craving the authentic flavours of Egyptian cuisine. From classic recipes to innovative twists, Mai ensures your Iftar table is filled with irresistible delights.


Shogun’s Kitchen

 If you’re seeking Western flavours, look no further than Shogun’s Kitchen. With a knack for reinventing classics like Swedish meatballs, Marry Me Chicken, or quick and easy one-pot wonders for last-minute Iftar ideas, Shogun has all your culinary needs covered.


Abu Julia

Abu Julia brings the essence of Arab cuisine to the Ramadan table with a collection of recipes perfect for gatherings or intimate Iftars serving two to four people. With a treasure trove of kitchen tricks and recipes, Abu Julia ensures your Iftar experience is nothing short of heartwarming.


Chef May Yacoubi

Chef May Yacoubi shares her culinary wisdom and favourite recipes, making Iftar preparation a breeze. With helpful kitchen tips showcased in her story highlights, Chef May guarantees delicious and stress-free meals for your Iftar gatherings.


Chef Ghada Nawara

Certified by the prestigious Le Cordon Bleu & Ritz Escoffier Paris institution, Chef Ghada Nawara expertly blends modern techniques with traditional flavours. Prepare to embark on a culinary journey where innovation meets authenticity in every bite.