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Iftar In Al Matrya: The Heartwarming Tradition on the 15th of Ramadan

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Iftar In Al Matrya: The Heartwarming Tradition on the 15th of Ramadan
written by
Malak Gharib
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Every year on the 15th of Ramadan, the streets of Al Matrya in Egypt are filled with electrifying energy as the largest iftar event in the country unfolds, inviting people from all corners of Cairo to join in the celebration alongside the residents of Matrya, particularly in Azbet Hamada. Embracing the essence of Ramadan with unparalleled warmth, the event takes the statement “sharing is caring” to a whole new level. 

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With the first iftar in Al Matrya having taken place 10 years ago, the event was brought to life by the tight-knit families of Azbet Hamada, a small district just 10 minutes away from Al Matrya Square. Weeks before Ramadan begins, preparations start with the streets undergoing extensive cleaning and the buildings receiving fresh coats of paint, all in anticipation of the communal feast and in welcome of the visitors with statements such as “Marhab B Habyebna” (Welcome our beloveds) around every corner of every street.

The eve of iftar holds special significance as families, both in the streets and within households surrounding the area, run a culinary marathon. From street-side grills sizzling with chicken to home kitchens bustling with activity, the air is filled with the aroma of delectable dishes prepared with love and shared with joy.

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Iftar Al Matrya isn’t just an event; it’s a touching experience showcasing the bonds of love and care among residents. The 2024 edition marked the grandest yet. Before joining next year, caution is advised for those who dislike big crowds since the number of attendees increases by the year. Taking your own food is wise due to limited seating at the main table where food is served. Lastly, remember that Iftar Al Matrya isn’t for celebrity sightings or content creation—it’s about genuine connections amidst Egyptian authenticity. The people of Matrya welcome everyone to celebrate in unity; it’s not about selfies but more about sharing the community’s spirit. Embrace the essence of togetherness and solidarity at Iftar Al Matrya.