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Jefaira: Inertia Egypt Offers Year-Round Living in Sahel ‎

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Jefaira: Inertia Egypt Offers Year-Round Living in Sahel ‎
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Having been around for over a decade now, it’s evident that the Egyptian real estate developer, Inertia knows a thing or two about creating communities and living spaces that people would gladly call ‘home’.

After numerous successful projects across the nation, like G Cribs in El Gouna, Brix, Soleya and Joulz in Cairo, Inertia turns to the North Coast and is developing an all year-round beach town that goes by the name Jefaira.

If you’re not familiar with the name, Jefaira happens to be derived from the area where the project lies; it’s 100 Km away from Marsa Matrouh, 300 Km from Cairo, and only 20 km away from El Dab’aa Road.

Aiming to preserve the area’s natural beauty, Inertia, in collaboration with renowned designer Paul Rodgers and international design practice 10Design, developed master plan that incorporates the area’s topography into the design.

The design boasts vast spaces of greenery and landscapes, which form a network that connects the beach town’s various facilities with the 10 neighbourhoods, four of which have already been launched; the Furl, Seacliff, Quayside, and Cribs – each having its own distinctive character.

While the Furl Neighbourhood occupies the centre of Jefaira’s shoreline, where fully-finished standalone villas, twin houses, chalets, and condos enjoy a breathtaking sea view, the Quayside Neighbourhood overlooks the lush gardens of Jefaira and is comprised of twinhouses, attached villas, park chalets, and apartments. The Cribs offers studios and apartments that overlooks serene architecture and pools.

The Seacliff Neighbourhood has already made an impression after being shortlisted at the World Architecture Festival, and offers luxury dwellings over a 220,000 square metre clifftop that comes with a view of the Mediterranean.

Needless to say, Jefaira has what it takes to keep its residents entertained and well-facilitated all year round. Jefaira has various mixed-use zones that include luxury hotels, a convention centre, a central park, a downtown area, in addition to a number of educational, medical, and sports centres.

What else do you need to quit the city, and live by the sea?