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Juhayna Teams Up with Baheya Hospital & Uber for Mother’s Day Cancer Awareness Campaign

Juhayna Teams Up with Baheya Hospital & Uber for Mother’s Day Cancer Awareness Campaign
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Cairo 360

With Mother’s Day upon us, most will be spending now till then conjuring up an elaborate gift of sorts – and it’s understandable. What gift could repay the years of torture we put our mothers through on our rickety paths to adulthood?

But this year, Egypt’s leading dairy and juice producer, Juhayna, is reminding Egypt of things much more precious that gifts in a partnership with Egypt’s first free women’s cancer hospital, Baheya, as well as on-demand taxi service, Uber.

Until March 31st, 1.5 % of all Juhayna sales will be donated to the hospital, continuing on from previous collaborations between the two entities, including a fund-raising concert from legendary composer and musician, Omar Khairait, in February of this year, which was sponsored by Juhayna. In addition, a hashtag is doing the rounds on social media that you can also contribute through. Posting a photo of you hugging your mum and using #حافظ_على_حضن_أم will be counted as an online donation from Juhayna. Some of the country's most prominent social media influencers have been using the hashtag, which has helped propel the campaign and make it viral.

It’s not just an issue of money, though; raising awareness has been a key element of Baheya’s objectives and this is where Uber comes in. There’s still a certain stigma and lack of understanding when it comes to women’s cancer – and women’s heath in general at that. Using the hashtag #وصلها_لبهية will qualify those looking to get involved online for a free round-trip to Baheya to check-up for on your mum.

As a landmark medical facility in Egypt, Baheya Hospital relies on these types of collaborations and donations in its aim to treat and raise awareness of breast cancer, of which an estimated 43,000 Egyptian women suffer. In 2015 alone, Baheya is said to have over 13,000 women – but the aim is to increase that number in 2016.

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