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Kahk El Eid 2024 – Where to Get Kahk This Year!

dessert Eid eid al fitr kahk Ramadan
Kahk El Eid 2024 – Where to Get Kahk This Year!
written by
Rawya Lamei
Image via Egypt Telegraph

Eid Al Fitr is finally upon us, and the scourge for the best kahk is officially underway. Luckily, we find ourselves spoiled for choice every year. For those who have yet to buy their box of kahk this year (or have already finished one), we’ve compiled a list of places to get kahk this year!


Abdel Rahim Koueider

The masters of Middle Eastern desserts need no introduction. We’re used to Abdel Rahim Koueider blowing us away with their delicacies all the time, and their kahk, like every year, is no exception.



A favourite among Zamalek goers, and Cairenes in general if we’re being honest, Simonds never disappoints with its incredible desserts. This year, their kahk stands out from most others, leaving us all with a touch of nostalgia in our mouths.


The Nile Ritz-Carlton

Experience the joy of Eid with delightful Ritz-Carlton kahk this year, as the world-renowned hotel, particularly famous for its divine kitchen, spoils you with traditional and melt-in-your-mouth kahk. You can call them at 201277233582 to place your order and pick up from the hotel.


La Gourmandise, Four Seasons First Residence

As one of Egypt’s top luxury hotels, it comes as no surprise that the Four Seasons First Residence’s dessert offerings should be among the best. Their renowned dessert restaurant, La Gourmandise, offers some of the best kahk this year. All you need to do is place your order by calling them at +2 02 3567 2022 and pick up from the hotel!



You can always rely on Tseppas for your holiday-related treats. From halawet el Mouled, to their delectable kahk this season, Tseppas never fails to impress us year after year.


El Abd

The masters of kahk need no introduction. For years, El Abd has been among the best places to get our kahk every year. Given their popularity, one might worry that they have lost their edge over the years. However, we can happily announce that this has not happened. As they have done every year, El Abd has truly redefined the meaning of good kahk.


Vibes Lounge, Royal Maxim Palace Kempinski

Indulge in Vibes Lounge’s delicious kahk this year at the Royal Maxim Palace Kempinski hotel. Known for their delicious desserts, the lounge went above and beyond to provide authentic and seasonal holiday delights. You can stop by to make your order and take it home with you.


My Bakery, InterContinental Cairo Citystars

For a perfect, powdery and soft kahk this year, you can visit InterContinental Cairo Citystars’ My Bakery to pick up your annual box. Known for its delectable desserts and pastries, My Bakery’s kahk is a seasonal must-try.


Salé Sucré

A haven for fresh and delectable desserts, Salé Sucré have impressed us once again with their incredible kahk.


Holiday Inn, Citystars

This year, the Holiday Inn hotel has put up a booth in Citystars Mall’s phase 1, level 1, where you can find the most delectable treats and, most importantly, kahk el Eid! You can go to their booth to make your selection and take home a box of edible tradition.


House of Cocoa

A less traditional destination to get our Eid treats, House of Cocoa ended up surprising us with their kahk this year. While we tend to only go for their chocolate, we have another reason to drop by their stores this year that’s coated in powdered sugar.



A relatively recent addition to the dessert shop train, Voila has been a wonderful discovery these past few years. Their kahk this year is delicious and absolutely worth a try.



Who doesn’t love Tortina? It holds a dear place in our hearts, and they seem to perfect everything they do – their kahk being one of many.



Yet another beloved pastry and dessert spot, Etoile has had our hearts for years for offering the best of the best, particularly their seasonal desserts. Their kahk this year is no exception.


La Poire

You simply cannot go wrong with La Poire. Every year, they outdo themselves during the holiday seasons. Continuing their success from this Ramadan, they’ve gone above and beyond to maintain their spot as one of Egypt’s best dessert shops by making some of this year’s favourite kahk.



They make the best croissant in Cairo. They make the most innovative desserts every Ramadan. This Eid Al Fitr, they’ve also gone on to make delectable, melt-in-your-mouth kahk that is an absolute must-try.



Coppermelt is hands-down one of Cairenes’ favourite dessert spots. While we love their international desserts, their Middle Eastern sweets are also a must-try. And what better way to get introduced to their Middle Eastern treats than with powdery and soft kahk?



Breadfast has become a staple in every household. Their bakery is outstandingly good, and their kahk this year is very impressive.



Yet another haven for Middle Eastern delicacies and sweet treats, Aboullaban has outdone itself this year with its incredible kahk. With a powdery finish and a soft crumble, it doesn’t get any better.